Tron (TRX) News Today: Will Tron’s Justin Sun Give Tesla or $20 Million Cash Airdrop To His Loyal Fans?

Justin Sun, founder of the Tron, is having trouble with his fans because of making a false promise online. A  few days ago, according to the Tron Trx news on cryptocurrency news outlets, Justin Sun said that he was going to giveaway a Tesla to a loyal fan who won a retweet competition. However, things didn’t go as expected by the community and the founder of Tron is now under fire for making false promises.

After the giveaway was promised, the winner @uzgaroth, was identified. However, Sun said that the selection process suffered a glitch and the winner wasn’t the winner. So, he tried again and selected a new winner. As everyone waited for Sun to give the new winner the promised Tesla, they were shocked to find out that the price was actually a free ticket to the 2020 Tron conference. As expected, this was followed by negative responses from members of the Tron community and the cryptocurrency community as a whole. In response, Sun said through Medium;

“I’ve happily decided to give away two Teslas to further my mission of creating transparency, reliability and openness about blockchain.”

He said that he and his team have reached out to another contestant with the handle @LeoHuynhPro. According to the original post by Justin Sun, the Teslas are just part of his giveaway. He would also be giving away $20 million in a free cash airdrop. The whole thing is still a bit confusing. Right now, it’s not clear if Sun is giving out the gifts as part of a Tron initiative or a personal promotion for the Justin Sun brand.

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Whether or not Sun will give out the Telsa and the $20 million cash airdrop is unclear. However, the Tron dApp platform is setting new records week after week in the Tron weekly dApp report. This week, it set another record and a significantly higher number of dApps were added to the platform.

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According to Cliff Edward’s, a Tron spokesperson, the initiative has nothing to do with Tron. Speaking to CoinDesk, Edward said;

“Sun is giving away money to fans to try to grow interest in the industry. It is a Justin initiative, not Tron or BitTorrent. This is Justin personally offering his Twitter fans a chance to win a car.”

This statement is contrary to the previous statement Edward’s gave made in January when he said;

“Since Tron is self-funded by Justin, the two are essentially one and the same.”

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