Ripple XRP News: Send and Receive XRP Tokens Via Google Chrome

The latest XRP news in the space is that Gmail users can now send and receive XRP (XRP) via Google Chrome. This is made possible via a new Google Chrome Extension. SchlaubiD – an independent XRP (XRP) developer – is the creators of the new extension for the web browser.

As many that might recall, this is not the first time XRP is getting such a development. Some time ago, some developers at Microsoft developed a payment protocol that lets users carry out XRP transfers using outlook. These are highly bullish XRP news and they have attracted many digital asset investors to the coin.

Is XRP a Security?

Digital asset investors usually sort out for cryptocurrencies with potentials. Despite the XRP SEC issues whether XRP is a security or not, many still see great potentials in the digital currency.  XRP SEC issues have been lingering in the crypto space for quite some time now. The SEC is yet to clarify if XRP is a security or not. XRP is one of the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2019, and the team behind the coin is doing all they can to maintain its relevance.

Use of Extension, XRP Rip Bot API

With the use of the extension created by SchlaubiD, digital asset investors and crypto buffs can now send and receive XRP tokens through Gmail. Gmail is the email application of the world’s largest tech firm – Google. From a technical view, it appears that the Chrome extension uses the famous XRP Rip Bot API. This API was developed to enable users to send five XRP tokens to whoever they want through email.

Interestingly, you can send anyone XRP tokens via this module whether or not the person receiving the tokens has an XRP wallet or not. That is pretty amazing and it is what makes this development a unique one. XRP (XRP) has been receiving a lot of attention lately. The attention it gets helps to increase its relevance and value in the digital currency space.

Ripple XRP Price Prediction

The recent XRP news and XRP price predictions 2019 are acting as bullish momentum for the coin. The digital currency and blockchain project have a lot of developments around them. Its parent firm – Ripple Inc. – is also playing its role to boost the adoption and use of the digital currency. With the bullish XRP news and XRP price predictions in the space, many experts believe that there is an imminent XRP bull run and crypto bull run.

With more developments and bullish news around the cryptocurrency, an XRP bull run might be triggered in the short-term. Ripple is also part of the development of the coin. The launch of xRapid also aims to increase the adoption and use of the digital currency. xRapid – which was launch last year – is now gaining more recognition. More banks and financial institutions are beginning to adopt the product. The adoption and use of xRapid will have a significant impact on the value of XRP in the near-term.

XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD

NamePrice24H %

According to bitcoinexchangeguide; XRP price was in the bullish trend zone last week. The bulls tested the $0.32 resistance level and were resisted. The crypto’s price fell and broke below the 12-day EMA and the 26-day EMA as price reaches the bearish trend zone. Today, the XRP price is trading at $0.31 as at the time of writing. This was the price level at which the crypto was ranging last week before the bulls were resisted at the $0.32 price level.

The $0.32 price level was a strong resistance level. On the upside, a price breakout will enable the bulls to break the $0.32 and $0.33 price levels and reach a high of $0.34. On the other hand, if the bulls were resisted, the crypto will fall to the support of the EMAs. Meanwhile, the crypto’s price is above the EMAs which indicate that price is in the bullish trend zone. The MACD line and the signal line are above the zero line which indicates a buy signal.

At the time of writing, XRP (XRP) is trading at $0.3140 after a decrease of less than two percent over the past twenty-four hours. The current market cap of the digital currency is $12.92 billion and its trade volume over the past day is $923.88 million.

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