XRP Sharply Rallies As Bitcoin (BTC) Surges

In the early hours of April 2, Bitcoin experienced a surge and crossed the $5,000 mark. This event has been tagged a crypto bull run, but some analysts do not quite agree yet.  Other coins benefitted from this bull market. XRP was one, and it seems it XRP price prediction 2019 is already coming true.

XRP price of the digital asset has now surged higher. It went on to break $0.3300 which is a resistance position. We can also see sharp gains in the BTC price which reportedly lifted both XRP and ETH into a strong upward price.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Today – BTC / USD

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Bitcoin’s Rise Dragged XRP and Ether Above Key Resistance Positions

In the last few hours, there has been a sharp rise in the price of the Bitcoin (BTC). BTC is trading above $4,400 and $4,500. It dragged the price of XRP and Ether above key resistances. XRP reached $0.3180 and $0.3200 before jumping into a positive trend.

Looking at the 30-minute chart, the XRP/USD pair settled above $0.3155. Buyers finally came into action pushing the price of the digital asset above $0.3185 and the 25 SMA.

We can spot a break at $0.3185 on the 30-minute chart. This opened the way for a strong rally taking the price of the digital asset above the $0.3200, $0.3250 and $0.330 which are all resistance positions.

XRP Price Prediction 2019: XRP Price Forms Near the $0.3310 Position

The price of XRP also formed a swing high close to $0.3310. Although it appears making gains is still far from over. There is an initial support near the 23.6% Fibonacci retracement region from the last rally from $0.3139 to $0.3310.

If there are more downsides, $0.3250 which is a support price position may become a strong buying zone with the 50% Fibonacci retracement level via the last rally from $0.3139 to $0.3310.

Finally, the main support price position is close to $0.3180. Leaving us to conclude that the moment the price of XRP gets above $0.3180, it will remain in an upward price movement. This current rally could cause the price of XRP to move towards $0.3400 or $0.3500. In the near term, we can expect a downside correction. Although, XRP is likely going to find support at $0.3250 or $0.3220.

Bitcoin (BTC) Rallied Above the $5,000 Mark

Today, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) managed to cross the $5,000 level. This means it touched its highest price level since November of last year. Regarding percentage, Bitcoin moved in over 20% in gains. As at the time this report was published, the BTC price moved below $5,000, albeit temporary especially if the momentum is held a little longer or is sustained.

The reason for this is that since BTC touched its lowest point ($3136) back in December last year, it has recorded 61% in gains. Bitcoin is up by 25%.

Bitcoin continues to surprise us with its ability to score over 20% gains on a day to day basis. We have actually seen this type of rally near the end of 2017. This may just be the next crypto bull run. That was just before the price crashed from the $20k all-time high. However, it has to be said that it’s been a long time since this happened. That is seeing a move like this in Bitcoin (BTC). This is definitely going to attract more investors into the space after all, investors have been waiting on the sidelines for this very moment

Brian Lubin is a Crypto News Reporter for Smartereum. He's well-known for his reports on the crypto markets.


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