XRP (XRP) and Ethereum Are Likely To Surge Higher With the Momentum of the Next Crypto Bull Run

The recent trend in the crypto market has sent shockwaves across the entire market. The next crypto bull run, which seems to be on the way, has greatly impacted Bitcoin price and other digital currencies. The massive surge in Bitcoin price has helped to push the price of other digital currencies to new highs. The near-term  XRP price prediction 2019 has even been seen after the trigger of the next crypto bull run. Bitcoin price just tested a new high which was last seen in October last year. Other digital currencies such as Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Cash SV are also soaring.

Over the past day, Bitcoin Cash price sees the highest gains, with more than 22 percent increase. Bitcoin Cash SV price is also up significantly, with more than 9 percent increase of the past day. Bitcoin Cash SV price is set to continue its uptrend. The initiation of the next crypto bull run has also attracted more digital asset investors to space. Every digital asset investor is now in the market acquiring one cryptocurrency or the other. As a result of this, the daily trading volume of the just reached its all-time high of more than $90 billion in twenty-four hours. Two other digital currencies that are also impacted by the shockwaves of the next crypto bull run are XRP (XRP) and Ethereum.

Between XRP and Ethereum, Which Is the Best Cryptocurrency to Invest in 2019?

The value of XRP and Ethereum also surged significantly after Bitcoin price soared to a new 5-month high. XRP and Ethereum are presently looking forward to breaking another major hurdle point on the upside. While some digital asset investors regard XRP (XRP) as one of the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2019, there are some security issues around the coin. Is XRP a security? The XRP SEC issue is one of the lingering issues around the coin. As such, many digital asset investors are still wondering “Is XRP a security?”

Do these questions affect the XRP price prediction 2019 by top analysts? These are some of the salient questions in the space. While the SEC earlier said Ethereum not a security, there are still some doubts about that. XRP SEC and Ethereum SEC issues are the major concerns of most digital asset investors. However, this has not stopped the growth of the digital currencies. The digital currencies are soaring higher after breaking through major resistance levels. The response of Bitcoin SV price has also been pretty impressive. While Bitcoin SV is relatively new in the crypto space, it has been very active.

Analysts Believe the Crypto Bull Run Will See XRP and ETH over $0.37 and $190 respectively

Top crypto bulls such as Tim Draper and Tom Lee has released bullish Bitcoin price prediction 2019 earlier. While Tom Lee Bitcoin price prediction 2019 seems like a long-term prediction, the start of the next crypto bull run signals that this prediction might be seen in the short-term. Analysts believe that the current wave in the market will send Ethereum price over the $190 mark. At the time of writing, the Ethereum price is close to the $170 mark.

They also believe that the XRP price will soon test the 37 cents level and make a move towards the 40 cents level. This is quite achievable due to the momentum of the current crypto bull run. With almost all coins trading in the green, pinpointing the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2019 might be a little be difficult for a digital asset investor. Still, you can follow the most reasonable XRP price prediction 2019 to get a better idea of the prospects of the coins.

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