XRP vs BTC: Google Users in the United States Look For XRP (XRP) Instead of than Bitcoin (BTC)

bitcoin vs ripple

Although XRP is still miles behind Bitcoin when it comes to market size or cap, there is an outstanding metric that makes XRP likely to outperform Bitcoin. That is the US user interest in Google.

Former Coinbase engineer and Twitter user Preethi Kasireddy, highlighted that, with Google Trends data, the search “how to buy Ripple” was searched more frequently than “how to buy Bitcoin” during the course of 2018.

A basic reading of the figures may suggest that XRP is more popular than Bitcoin in the crypto community-based in the United States. However, this isn’t the issue. When the search terms “Ripple and Bitcoin” are compared to each other using the analytics software. BTC comes on top for the total number of searches that occurred during 2018 locally (in the United States) and on a global scale.

Is this a flippening? Is XRP taking over as we approach the next crypto bull run? For proponents of the XRP digital token, as well as any digital asset investor, the belief is that it’s only a short period left before XRP actually replaces Bitcoin (BTC) as the number one digital asset.

XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD

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XRP Supporters Took to Twitter and Reddit

Members of XRP’s fan base have taken to Reddit and Twitter to denounce Bitcoin (BTC) as an out-dated technology.

For these individuals, Bitcoin (BTC), may be a dinosaur in the crypto space compared to its competition. But when you go by the potentially increased utility and completing many transactions per second that XRP offers, many are actually banking on XRP to outperform Bitcoin one day.

XRP (XRP) Price Prediction 2019

Despite its growing number of partnerships with banks and other financial institutions, as well as positive news regarding XRP’s listing on exchanges and the digital asset trending in US Google searches, Ripple the company, has been losing value against the Bitcoin (BTC) since this year Began. On January 1, one XRP token was around 0.00009439 BTC. Presently a single XRP is worth 0.00007350 BTC. Hence, users who are anticipating a flippening between XRP and BTC must wait a little while longer.

How high can Ripple XRP go? According to U.Today; here are a few Ripple 2019 forecasts from different sources:

1.According to investinghaven.com, Ripple prediction is $20. This conclusion is based on fundamental and chart analysis combined. The forecast will be justified, if institutional money continues flowing to XRP, Ripple’s tech solutions promote using XRP, and the company continues growing its revenue.

2.Such websites as fxstreet and express.co.uk give moderate Ripple price predictions: they believe that XRP has enough potential to triple its value and reach around $3-$5 by the end of the year. This assumption is based on the fact that Ripple is the best investment opportunity of this year.

3.Ripple coin news, one of the largest news websites, states that 2019 will be a smooth period for the currency, and new technologies together with new partnerships might help it to reach the price of $8-10 dollars.

4.UsLifted, a crypto prediction website gives the following Ripple XRP price prediction: its specialists believe that by 2020, XRP can reach $22.79 with a circulating supply of 38,739,145,924 XRP.

5.According to Coinswitch, XRP will reach about $1,20 in 2019.

6.The Economic Forecast Agency claims that Ripple would fall further to $0.32 in 2019. This scenario might be real if the product will no longer be used.

7.Metro, the Uk’s biggest newspaper publication states that Ripple would fall to $0.22-0.28. Why so? They suppose that Bitcoin will continue dominating the market and even reach $20,000ç

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