Users of Brave Browser Can Now Earn Basic Attention Token (BAT) for Seeing Ads

Basic Attention Token (BAT) came into the scene as an Ethereum token that aims to revolutionize the digital ad industry. Recent BAT crypto news has revealed that the digital currency has what it takes to get mass adoption. Many enthusiasts have referred to it as the best cryptocurrency to invest 2019, but others believe Holo crypto stands a better chance.

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The token launched a project with its Brave browser to reward publishers. Users of the cryptocurrency powered browser can earn BAT for seeing ads. The Beta version of the browser has been released and this feature is a part of it.

This implies that Brave browser users can now earn BAT token for simply browsing the web. These users will not have to deal with the browser’s developer version which is not as stable as this version. It is usually used to test new features rolling out for the project.

How it works

From recent BAT crypto news, it was gathered that only users who opt-in to view ads will see them. Also, only those users who opt in will be rewarded for viewing. The initial phase of ad rollout was successful as users were engaging with ads on their screens.

Several users have reported that they only see ads in some countries and not all. This is similar to the developer version of the browser and at the moment, only France, Germany, Canada, the united states and the United Kingdom can see ads. However, other users around the world will soon be able to enjoy these benefits when they are released on the stable version of Brave browser.

The browser was created by a fund through an Initial Coin Offering. BAT tokens were then sold to investors and the project was launched by Brendan Eich, the former Mozilla CEO. This browser features an adblocker which comes built in and also blocks trackers automatically.

The ads can only appear to users who opt-in to see pop-ups. They also get rewarded for clicking. The company plans to give users up to 70% revenue and this could increase their earnings by $5 each month in BAT.

Is BAT the best cryptocurrency to invest 2019?

BAT brings something new to the digital currency industry. It eliminates the middle man when it comes to ads and rewards. Also, its browser which has more than 20 million downloads could help facilitate mass adoption. These are the advantages it has over Holo crypto.

The tokens earned by users are distributed to content creators and websites visited by users. Also, users can change the parameters and allocate certain amounts to different publishers. They can also choose to keep their tokens and wait for the withdrawal option to show.

About a year ago, the browser included a tipping feature that allows users to tip content and website creators. Later on, publishers will be allowed to show ads on individual websites. The system will also allow them to take up to 70% of all the revenue they generate in the process. While users take the remaining 15% after the firm keeps just 15%.

In the near future, the company aims to roll out its special ad features in other independent browsers and not just its own. Follow up on BAT crypto news daily to get more updates as they unfold.

Is BAT the best cryptocurrency to invest 2019? Please share your thoughts below.

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