XRP Price Sees More Gains Despite Coming Late to the Bull Run Party

Almost all the top fifteen digital currencies in the market are still trading in the green. Bitcoin price is still holding gains around the $5k level. The sharp crypto bull run has convinced many digital asset investors that the bear market has come to an end. The short-term Bitcoin price prediction was seen a few days ago. however, digital asset investors and traders are waiting for the next crypto bull run for the bullish Tom Lee Bitcoin price prediction 2019 to be achieved.

Is XRP the Best Cryptocurrency to Invest 2019?

XRP (XRP) is one of the best performers in the crypto market over the past few days. The digital currency broke through several support levels, and it is now trading in a safe zone. Alex Cobb XRP is what is trending only. Alex Cobb is an 18-year old XRP investor and content creator. He is very bullish on the digital currency. Cobb owns a YouTube channel where he talks about XRP (XRP).

Alex Cobb XRP price prediction is also one thing many are looking forward to. The digital asset investor is always talking about the coin. With Alex Cobb XRP bullish act, the digital currency will grow in popularity as well as in value. XRP has attracted a lot of interest lately. As such, some digital asset investors consider it to be the best cryptocurrency to invest 2019.

XRP Finds Strong Support and Will Continue to Ride on the Crypto Bull Run

XRP recently plunged to the low of 33 cents. However, XRP price surged significantly, about 11 percent, after testing that level. The 33 cents level now serves as a support level for the digital currency. XRP performance over the past week has been very impressive. XRP was trading around the 30 cents level. Over the past week, the digital currency has surged significantly, and it’s now trading over the 36 cents level.

During the massive crypto bull run that helped Bitcoin to test the $5k level, XRP experienced slow growth. However, the digital currency has now caught up with its peers. It was able to make up by amassing gains of more than 11 percent yesterday. The senior market analyst at eToro – Mati Greenspan – also commented on the recent price trend of XRP. He said that the massive XRP price surge started as the Asian trading session ignited a spark.

XRP price is likely to continue riding on the current crypto bull run. If the digital currency holds over its support level, it might break out on the upside in the near-term. A popular digital currency expert on Twitter – The Cryptomist – recently shared her thoughts about XRP via a tweet. She said that XRP price will continue to trade over its strong support level as long as Bitcoin (BTC) remains stable.

As the weekend approaches, more analysts, digital asset investors, and traders will likely deduce if top cryptocurrencies are going to hold gains or plunge lower. XRP is currently holding its gains, waiting for the next crypto bull run to push it over the 40 cents level.

XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD

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At the time of writing, XRP price is $0.3612 after an increase of about 4 percent over the past twenty-four hours. The current market cap of the digital currency is $14.93 billion. The trading volume of the digital currency over the past twenty-four hours is $2.03 billion.

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