Ethereum (ETH) Price Surges Above $183, Analysts Remain Bullish, Predict That ETH Will Hit $1,500 Soon

The Ethereum price prediction has always been mainly about how the price of Ethereum will break the $200 mark and surge higher against the USD. Well, in our Ethereum news today, we are going to talk about how bullish cryptocurrency analysts are about the price of ETH and when the price of Ethereum will hit $200. Considering the fact that Ethereum price today is currently less than $20 away from $200 at the time Ethereum News today was written on NewsBtc, things are looking up.

Ethereum Price Today – Ethereum News Today – Ethereum Price Prediction – Analysts Remain Bullish As The Price Of Ethereum Approaches $200

The entire cryptocurrency market has been alternating between bouts of bullish gains and sudden sideways trends. However, major cryptocurrencies have been able to retain their recent gains. The price of Ethereum (ETH) is smashing every resistance all the way to $200. At the time of writing, the price of Ethereum was $182.23. This means that it is up by 8.21% against the USD and up by 5.61% against BTC. The trading volume over a 24 hour period is $8,892,357,735 and the market capitalization is $19,238,349,322. This bullish pressure has instilled the confidence investors have in the ETH token.

Ethereum (ETH) Price Today – BTC / USD

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The crypto news about the Ethereum price prediction has not been trending on crypto Twitter compared to the price trend of Bitcoin and XRP. One popular cryptocurrency trader brought everyone’s attention to the price of Ethereum stating that it is gearing up for more gains. CryptoKaleo said that the price of Ethereum is at the lower end of a fractal range. In his words;

“Ethereum is sitting on the launch pad of a rocket ship in its fractal cycle. Why is no one talking about this? $ETH#Ethereum is sitting on the launch pad of a rocket ship in its fractal cycle. Why is no one talking about this? 🚀🌕”

What Kaleo is saying is that ETH may be gearing up to reach its all-time high of about $1500. This would be the ultimate comeback. It would also be in line with our previous Ethereum price prediction 2019 that placed the price of Ethereum above its all-time high. In mine with what Kaleo predicted, another well-known trader, CryptoGainz, said that the price of Ethereum (ETH) will surge higher against the USD but it would have to move lower first to gather the required momentum to move higher.

Ethereum News Today – Ethereum Price Prediction – is The Price Of Ethereum To Surge Or Not To Surge

If there is anything the current bullish pressure has proven its that the cryptocurrency winter has finally come to an end and the bulls are ready to take over the market. However, it’s still not clear how long the bulls will dominate the market. Most experts have suggested that the bulls will have control of the market throughout this year. Some others have said that it would continue until after the Bitcoin halving which is meant to happen in 2020.

If what experts are saying happen, the cryptocurrency market is going to be dominated by the bulls for a long time. Unfortunately, the high volatility in the market makes it difficult for predictions to come true. So, anything can happen in the next few weeks and even months. For now, however, the Ethereum price prediction is bullish.

What do you think about the Ethereum news today? When will the price of Ethereum (ETH) hit $200? After hitting $200 will the price of Ethereum continue to rise until it hits $1500? Share your thoughts in the comment section.


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