Bitcoin Cash Price Might Hit The $400 Level Next Week, Here’s why

The digital currency industry is one of the hottest right now. Almost all digital currencies in the market are testing new highs. Bitcoin (BTC), which has been struggling around the $4k level for the better part of this year, just broke over a major resistance level. Bitcoin price has been significantly boosted by the recent crypto bull run. The price of Bitcoin is now over the $5,200 level at the time of writing. Bitcoin price today is now over a short-term Bitcoin price prediction 2019. Bitcoin is not the only coin sailing on this ship. Other digital currencies such as Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin SV, XRP, and Ethereum have been posting some gains.

Bitcoin SV Price and Bitcoin ABC Price Are Testing New Yearly Highs

Bitcoin Cash SV price is surging significantly. The price of Bitcoin Cash SV over the past few days is up by more than 30 percent. However, one of the highest gainers in the recent crypto bull is Bitcoin Cash (BCH). BCH price today is soaring on eagle’s wing and it has attracted more digital asset investors and traders. Since the breakout, BCH SV price and BCH ABC price (which is BCH) has been surging higher. The price of BCH SV has been testing new highs.

The price of BCH just broke over a long-term resistance and tested a new monthly. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is making waves in the crypto space. While Bitcoin Cash SV price (BCH SV price) is on the rise, how far can Bitcoin Cash price (BCH ABC price) go? Digital asset investors expect more from Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and the digital currency has been living up to expectation lately. The bullish BCH news and BCH prediction have also contributed to the growth of the coin.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Today – BCH / USD

Bitcoin Cash

Will crypto ever recover? The significant surge in the price of BCH shows that the crypto market will definitely recover. So the answer to the question “will crypto ever recover?” is yes, but no one knows when. No one saw the current crypto bull run coming. Chances are the next crypto bull run is by the corner. With the imminent crypto bull run, bullish BCH news, and BCH price prediction, BCH price will recover significantly.

BCH Price Prediction 2019 – Can the Price of BCH Hit the $400 by Next Week?

The ultimate price prediction for BCH in the next couple of months is $650. However, with the recent bull run, many are expecting BCH price to hit the $400 level. Will the short-term BCH price prediction come to pass? The digital currency just broke over the $220 level. It gathered enough momentum and also broke the $300 resistance level.

BCH price is currently facing resistance close to the $350 level. A break over this level will open the digital currency up for more gains. This would trigger the digital currency to hit and surge over the $400 level. But can this happen in the next one week? Bitcoin Cash has a lot of potentials. BCH sees Bitcoin Cash SV price as a rivalry. As such, the community and team behind the digital currency are doing their best to boost the adoption and use of the digital currency. This has significantly impacted the value of the coin. This bulls around the coin coupled with the bullish BCH news and BCH price prediction, the price of Bitcoin Cash might hit $400 by next week.

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