EOS Tops the Altcoin Market with Over 8% Increase

Looking for the best cryptocurrency to invest 2019 is a pretty daunting task right now, as the competition in the space right now is very high. While many consider Bitcoin the cryptocurrency 2019, altcoins are fighting to occupy that position. Bitcoin dominance has also reduced as a result of this. More altcoins are beginning to gain more dominance. One altcoin with a very impressive performance over the past months is EOS (EOS). EOS is one of the best cryptocurrency to invest 2019. The price of EOS has been very impressive lately. EOS price is on the rise and it’s not slowing down.

EOS Tops the Resurgence of the Altcoin Market – Is EOS the Best Cryptocurrency 2019?

Will cryptocurrency ever recover?  This has been a lingering question in the crypto space. Some digital asset investors are not satisfied by the bullish Bitcoin price prediction 2019 and general crypto price prediction 2019. However, many digital asset investors are now convinced by the recent crypto bull run in the market. The crypto bull run has seen many digital currencies testing new highs, making many coins a viable investment option.

EOS Price Today – EOS / USD


The valuation of the entire crypto market is also on the rise. Even though it dipped below the $180 billion level, it has recovered over that level over the past day. Bitcoin price today is still over the $5,200, and it looks set to surge higher in the short-term. If the price of bitcoin surges over this level, the next stop for Bitcoin’s price will be at the $6k level.

The price of Ethereum (ETH) has also recovered significantly. Ethereum price recently plunged below the $170 level. However, it has now recovered over that level. Ethereum price today is around the $180 level. The price of Ethereum also looks set to surge higher and test new highs. With more bullish momentum, Ethereum price will hit the $200 mark in the short-term. The bullish Ethereum price prediction 2019 out there might also contribute to this growth.

EOS Is the Top Gainer among the Top Ten Digital Currencies

All the top ten digital currencies in the market are now in the green. The market experienced some losses yesterday. However, the crypto bulls have refused to give the bears the room to drag the market down. Among the top ten digital currencies in the market, EOS is the highest gainer over the past twenty-four hours. Over the past day, EOS price has increased by more than seven percent. The digital currency is now trading close to the $6 level.

Another great performer is Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Bitcoin Cash price also surged significantly. The price of Bitcoin Cash today is up by about 3 percent. BCH price is around the $308 level. Bitcoin Cash SV is also correcting higher. Bitcoin Cash SV price is also up by about three percent. The price of BCH SV is $80 at the time of writing. Binance Coin and Cardano are also on the list of top performers with an increase of 3% and 3.6% respectively.

The fear of missing out on the next crypto bull run has attracted many digital asset investors to the altcoin market. The hunt for the best cryptocurrency to invest 2019 is at its peak. The next crypto bull run might be massive, like the late-2017’s bull run. This time around, no one wants to be left behind.

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