Uphold XRP Users Can Now Process Transactions for Free on The Platform

At the beginning of this year, some analysts said that we are at the end of the crypto winter, as the bears are losing their grip on the market. Many didn’t believe this as the market has been in the hands of the bears for over a year. There was also no major correction in the price of Bitcoin to convince investors and traders. However, many are now convinced by the recent bullish Bitcoin trend, which is referred to as a crypto bull run. Top cryptos in the market are still seeing major corrections, with many digital asset investors wondering which is the best cryptocurrency to invest 2019. XRP price and EOS price are also recording massive gains.

XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD

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XRP is one of the best cryptocurrency to invest 2019. The digital currency has a lot of positive news and developments around it. More firms and businesses are beginning to see its numerous benefits and strong points. Recently, Puma Technologies partnered with XRP. The firm wants to feature XRP on its track-free and ad-free web browser. This partnership will also see XRP linked up with Coil.

Is XRP a Security? – XRP Gains the Trust of Digital Asset Investors

Many digital asset investor and traders are still not clear about the security status of XRP. Some of them are still asking “is XRP a security?” Sometime last year, the SEC declared Bitcoin (BTC) a non-security. However, they didn’t say anything about the XRP security status and Ethereum security status. Nevertheless, this has not stopped many from believing and trusting in the coin. XRP has put up a strong show of resilience lately.

XRP has refused to slow down as it is keeping up with the recent trend in the market. The Alex Cobb XRP trend has also been bullish for the coin. Alex Cobb XRP price prediction 2019 also gives many digital asset investors and traders hope. The partnerships, supports, and crypto bulls around it growing every day. This is why many consider it the best cryptocurrency to invest 2019.

Uphold XRP Users Will No Longer Pay Transaction Fees

Uphold Inc. just released bullish news that got the whole XRP community super excited. In a recent tweet, the firm announced the removal of transaction fee after the community’s feedback. Uphold XRP users are now free from transaction fees on the financial services platform. Uphold Financial Services removed the transaction fees because they want to XRP community to know that they heard and valued their feedback.


About Uphold Inc.

Uphold Inc. is a cloud-based financial services platform and it was launched back in November 2014. The platform allows users to move, transact, convert, and hold digital currencies with assured security. At the moment, Uphold Inc. features 9 digital currencies, 23 fiat currencies, and 4 precious metals on its platform.

The firm recently announced that the interest in XRP is growing enormously irrespective of the crypto winter. According to the announcement, the interest in XRP is even more than that of Bitcoin (BTC) Ethereum, and Litecoin. Many digital asset investors and traders now see XRP as the best cryptocurrency to invest 2019. The bullish XRP price prediction 2019, like the Alex Cobb XRP price prediction, also serves as a stepping stone for the digital currency. With developments like this, the next crypto bull run will take the digital currency to the levels it saw in late-2017’s crypto bull run.

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