XRP Price Prediction 2019: XRP Price to Surpass $2 This Year

The XRP digital token, the coin native to Ripple’s network, has great potential. It may seem like a good platform for any digital asset investor in the long term. Reports from Coinmarketcap show that the crypto has unstable since the April 2 crypto bull run. XRP’s potential to become an explosive digital asset can’t be overstated. There are several signs to back this up.

XRP is an open source distributed payment network in beta format. Ripple the company, is looking to exclude the walled garden’s concept in various financial networks such as banks, Paypal, and other financial institutions restricting access as a result of charges for delays and curry exchange. The company has put many initiatives in place to ensure steady growth. The only set back here will be the reoccurring market volatility.

XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD

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XRP Price Prediction 2019: What is the Current status of XRP?

XRP is currently trading at $0.327546. With a market capitalization of $13,688,820,258 and a circulating supply of 41,792,108,527 XRP.

Every crypto enthusiast and digital asset investor would have heard the report that Ripple has completed its plans to fully enter the gaming sector. Ripple’s strong network is already hosting over 150 clients globally. The platform is also planning to revolutionize the traditional payment system. It is looking to be dominant in the cross border payments sector. With the DLT technology beginning to gain more attention from top dogs in the financial industry, Ripple now has a better chance at navigating through its development to becoming a leading digital asset in the coming years.

In other XRP News, Google Trends Data Shows There’s More Interest In XRP Than Ethereum Since the Turn of the Year

XRP and Ethereum (ETH) have been battling for the number two position in terms of market capitalization. Which is just behind the crypto king, Bitcoin. Ethereum is currently number two on the same list.

Now according to new data given by Google Trends, the total number of global users searching the Ripple has been ahead or greater than the total number of users searching for Ethereum throughout this year. This data shows that there’s a better overall interest in Ripple than Ethereum.

XRP Price Prediction 2019: XRP May Enter and Maintain a Bullish Trend

Most digital asset investor and crypto analysts are expecting that Ripple’s value will soon enter a bullish trend line because it’s price has remained stable despite being in the highly volatile market.  Accordingly, analysts believe that XRP can surpass $1.25 by year end. If the digital asset performs very high. Going on to reach a larger number of financial institutions, its value can cross $2 by year end.

XRP is a digital asset with an amazing potential to become the top dog among cryptos. The token is aimed at causing a massive revolution in the financial sector. If the above-mentioned factors playout, XRP’s price will spike in the coming days. Which is why as a digital asset investor, you must understand that it may be worth to invest in this cryptocurrency if you desire higher returns.

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