Tezos (XTZ) Price Outperforms Bitcoin, Breaks Above $1 Targets $3 In The Coming Months

The Tezos foundation is one of the most diligent in the small market capital coin space. This is why it isn’t a surprise that Tezos has crossed the $1 mark and the Tezos price prediction on Cryptoinvest.com stipulates that the altcoin will hit $3 in the coming months. It is currently one of the best performers on CoinMarketCap outperforming Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP along with many other altcoins. Will the Tezos to USD price hit $3 in the coming months?

Tezos News Today – Tezos Price Prediction – Tezos Current Price Above $1 Aims At $3

Yesterday, the price of Tezos entered a bullish rally that took it above the $1 level. It was 15% higher within a 24-hour period trading at $1.13 at closing time. The altcoin is recording significant growth in price even if its trading volume and market capitalization is small compared to the big three; Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP. At the time of writing, the price of Tezos was $1.10. This means that it is up by 3.93% against the USD and up by 2.75% against the price of BTC. The trading volume over a 24 hour period is $7,992,884 and the market capitalization is $730,355,294. It is outperforming Bitcoin by 2.75%.

Typically, the rise in the price of a token is accompanied by a rise in the trading volume and market capitalization. The current Tezos trading volume is rather small when compared to the bullish sentiment and the Tezos to USD price growth. It is just above $7 million within the last 24 hours. This means there is still enough room for an increase in trading volume.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Today – BTC / USD

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Keep in mind that Tezos is a dApp and smart contract platform just like Ethereum, EOS and Tron. However, it hasn’t been able to reach mass adoption and is still having challenges inviting more people to use the network. The network would need some big announcements and major blockchain developments to support the price and market valuation. Notwithstanding, the price of Tezos has what it takes to hit $3 – $4 soon. The main factor that is supporting the platform now is the Tezos baking for XTZ owners. Arthur B, a well-known member of the cryptocurrency community had this to say about Tezos baking;

“I’ve observed that a lot of the #Tezos ecosystem development and discussion right now is happening around baking. This is normal. It is not indication that Tezos is somehow *about* baking for its own sake, which would be pointless. It merely reflects the fact that the first.”

Tezos Future Forecast – Tezos Price Prediction – What To Expect From The Tezos USD Price

The trading volume for Tezos is low with the highest being reported by cryptocurrency exchange, Kraken. The XTZ/USD trading pair is up by 31% while the XTZ/USDT pair is up by 29% in trading volume. Other fiat pairs make up for 18% of the trading volume. Even if the internal activities on the Tezos network like the Tezos baking is pushing the price up, it is important that this is complemented by higher trading volumes, smart contracts and dApps if it is to be sustainable long-term.

What do you think about the Tezos to USD price prediction? Will the Tezos price prediction of $3 – $4 come true? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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