Basic Attention Token (BAT) Surges By 50% After a Previous 5% Loss

The Basic Attention Token (BAT) continues to surprise traders and investors alike with its great potential to become one of the best cryptocurrency to invest in this year. In a period when investors have had to watch how the market trends unfold before making moves in the market BAT has proven to be one of the few currencies to draw in more users due to its ability to adapt to market patterns. The price of BAT is a fair value for investors. In this BAT price prediction, we will highlight how the Ethereum based token is managing to hold weight in this highly volatile market.

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BAT Price Prediction: What is the Current Price of BAT?

BAT was originally created to serve as a payment settlement initiative. The native token of the decentralized Brave Browser based on the Ethereum Blockchain, has shown plenty of promise in the issue of payment settlement processing. The basic reason why the Brave Browser has gone on to attain the type of reputation it currently holds is that it provides users with 100% anonymous services. This makes the browser unique when it comes to security and privacy. The price of BAT is primarily determined by the aforementioned advantage.

According to CoinMarketCap, the price of BAT is currently trading at $0.308806. It has increased by 0.28% in the last 24 hours. BAT has a market capitalization of $385,827,378 which is a worthy increase from $365,742,223. The Ethereum based protocol has a circulating supply of 1,249,416,783 BAT. Basic Attention Token is 25th on the list of the largest cryptos in the world.

It should be recalled from a previous analysis from April 15 that bath had gained a 45.13% increase from one month ago. The trade chart shows that BAT was trading at 0.292954 as of mid-day April 15. Its market capitalization at the time of writing was $366,021,585 compared to the $385,827,378 attained today. The digital asset also had a daily volume of about $37,967,711 compared to the $39,280,465 it attained today.

One month earlier, the price of BAT saw a trade volume of $0.201850 today. Hence, when we go by these metrics it is safe to say that, BAT’s value has boosted by 45.13%. The digital asset had $0.279538 as its support level which was a good one.

BAT Price Prediction: How Will BAT Fair in the Long Term?

Coinmarketcap, puts BAT’s return on investment at 78% with the price of BAT surging higher in 15 days. The price of BAT reportedly surged by 50%. The positive general sentiment in the crypto market also helped to facilitate this hike. BAT’s goal is to revolutionize the model in which consumers interact with companies. The brave browser in collaboration with Cheddar, a leader in entertainment and company will reportedly provide free subscriptions for premium Cheddar content viewed by Brave Browser users.

After Bat was listed on Goldman Sach’s circle platform and Coinbase, there’s the possibility that it can trade at $0.348 by year-end.

The way the price of BAT shifts shows that the digital asset has the potential to become a top 5 Cryptocurrency. It is worth investing in on a long-term investment. In coming days, BAT’s price should go higher as the digital currency is expected to reach more people which will, in turn, raise its value to reach higher positions.

Brian Lubin is a Crypto News Reporter for Smartereum. He's well-known for his reports on the crypto markets.


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