VeChain News: VeChain VET Will Find A Place In The Top 10 Cryptocurrencies On CoinMarketCap

The VeChain Thor price prediction got a boost after the VeChain news about the successful token swap. According to the latest VeChain Thor price prediction on CryptoNewz; the price of VeChain will continue its rise and find a place in the top 10 cryptocurrencies list on CoinMarketCap.

One of the reasons why the VeChain news and VeChain Thor price prediction is always bullish is that the VeChain blockchain is currently the only one that was designed specifically for payment settlement in the supply chain management sector. The governance structure for VeChain is not like that of Bitcoin and other blockchains. It uses a complex economic model mixed combined with the integration of IoT. The supply chain management sector across the globe has already started exploring the benefits of the VeChain blockchain. It improves trust and transparency within the supply chain.

VeChain VET Price Prediction – VeChain News Today – VeChain Future Forecast

VeChain (VET) Price Today – VET / USD


While the current ROI for the VeChain VET coin on CoinMarketCap is negative, the mid and long-term VeChain Thor price prediction is bullish. In the beginning of the year, the price of VeChain was $0.003. In March, it went as high as $0.005. During the Bitcoin bull run in April, the price of the VET coin went as high as $0.0078 but it started correcting lower as the market correction started. At the time of writing the price of VeChain (VET) was $0.006845. This means that it is down by 2.63% against the USD and down by 1.19% against the price of BTC. VeChain has been able to hold the support at $0.65 for some time now. The resistance levels are at $0.78 and $0.80.

Considering the fact that VeChain rose by 26.87% last month, it’s safe to say that the growth in the next few months may take it all the way to the top ten. Within the last 90 days, the price of the VET coin is up by 100%. The growth rate of VeChain has even been predicted to overtake the growth rate of the flagship cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. The VeChain Thor price prediction of $0.01 to $0.02 by the end of the second half of the year and 2019 consecutively may be enough to take the VET coin to the top ten. If you’re considering selling off your tokens, it may be a good idea to hold off on that.

VeChain News – VeChain Launches Developer-Focused VeChainWorld

According to the Vet Coin news on Todaysgazette; the VeChain has launched an all-inclusive platform for developers tagged VeChainWorld.

The idea includes a developer forum, developer information center and an application hub, developer information center, and developer forum. VeChainWorld houses applications and useful information that has to do with VeChain and also get in touch with other ecosystem builders. The platform, according to VeChain gives developers the

“much needed revamp on the current user experience when accessing VeChain applications”.

Users who have already registered on the VeChain portal can easily access the new VeChainWorld with their log in details.

At the moment, all apps on the VeChainThor Blockchain have been added to the platform. Also, users can create and import VeChainThor wallets. They can as well transfer VET within the Sync browser and use the VeChainThor Wallet Application Browser on the platform.

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