IOST Price Set To Rise Above $0.10 According To Expert Bullish IOST Price Analysis

IOST is one of the new ERC-20 tokens that have been making waves in the space for a while now. For a new token, it has gotten a lot of attention. The IOST price is almost always in trading in green on CoinMarketCap even when other cryptocurrencies are trading in red. It quickly became one of the top 100 coins on due to the bullish IOST coin price and market capitalization. Well, this is just the beginning as the IOST price prediction on show that the token has what it takes to move as high as $0.10 soon and $0.25 in five years.

IOST Price – IOST Coin – IOST Price Prediction Remains Bullish in 2019 and Beyond

In this second quarter of the year, the project is going to move from the testing phase to the mainnet launch. Many of the startups that came around the same time as IOST during the 2017/2018 ICO boom have been wiped out of existence but this project has remained resilient. The IOST blockchain isn’t just used as a foundation for the cryptocurrency but is also an innovative solution for online business development. It meets the needs of consumers and developers alike because it is scalable, user-friendly and flexible.

Within the last two months, the IOST price has increased by over 100%. At the time of writing, it was trading at $0.013206. It is up by 4.67% against the USD, 3.27% against BTC and 3.77% against ETH. The trading volume over a 24 hour period is $25,730,352 and the market capitalization is $158,661,889. Last January, it hit a an all-time high of $0.127085. This drove the total market capitalization as high as $864 million at the time.

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Apart from the technical analysis that support the IOST price, it also has strong fundamental advantages. For starters, the IOST blockchain is meant to provide an internet of service allowing online service providers to build on it and provide their services. It provides the perfect decentralized economy for online businesses. It uses a special consensus mechanism known as proof of believability (PoB). It is a validation system that uses the history of individual contributors to validate transactions. An upcoming upgrade on the system, the proprietary IOST Efficient Distributed Sharding Technology, is going to change the game for IOST. Similar to Ethereum Sharding, this protocol partitions data into bits making transactions fast. In a space where scalability is difficult to find, this upgrade is going to give IOST an edge over other blockchains.

IOST Coin Price – IOST Price Prediction – Long-term Price Prediction Of IOST

By the end of this year, the IOST price could hit $0.10 if the upgrades go as plan and the blockchain continues to gain adoption. In the next five years, it may move as high as $0.25 and even higher against the USD. The mainnet launch is going to happen in this second quarter of the year and this would be accompanied by a spike in the price of the IOST.

What do you think about the IOST price prediction from our IOST news today? Will the token hit $0.10 by the end of 2019? Share your thought about the IOST price in the comment section.

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