Can the Forthcoming Zcash (ZEC) Hard Fork Push Its Value To $200 By Q4 2019?

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Zcash (ZEC) is one digital currency that has attracted many digital asset investors and traders into the crypto space. While many don’t see it as the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2019, some investors see a great investment opportunity in it. The price of Zcash has not been very impressive over the past seven days. But the digital currency has been showing some signs of recovery over the past day.

Zcash (ZEC) is in need of strong bullish momentum to return to its new yearly highs. The bullish Zcash price predictions 2019 and Zcash price forecast are also there to act as bullish sentiments. However, with the bullish Zcash news today, Zcash might test new highs in the short-term.

About Zcash (ZEC) – Will the Bullish Zcash Price Prediction 2019 Attract More Investors?

Zcash is one of the best privacy-oriented digital currencies in the crypto market. The major competition Zcash has in the market is Monero. Zcash is a decentralized, open source digital currency. It came into the crypto space back in 2016, thanks to Zooko Wilcox-O’Hearn. The protocol of Zcash uses ZK-SNARKs; this helps users to carry out anonymous and transparent transactions. The anonymous and transparent transactions the protocol of Zcash provides has attracted many digital asset investors that want to carry out transactions without being traced or tracked.

Zcash Recent Price Action – Will the Price of Zcash Continue to Surge Higher?

The price of Zcash at the beginning of the year was around the $55 and $60 level. The volatility of Zcash price is very high, and this has made many investors wary of the digital currency. The price of Zcash has not been consistent over the past three months. Nevertheless, Zcash price tested its highest level this year on the 1st of April. In a period of four days, the value of Zcash surged by more than 30 percent. However, it lost most of those gains in the following week. Zcash is now trading close to the $70 level

Zcash Price Analysis – Zcash Price Prediction 2019 – Zcash Price Forecast – Zcash Upgrade

ZEC is currently trading in the red after failing to break over the $74 resistance level. Zcash was recently trading over the $70 level but the $74 level prevented the coin from amassing more gains. The coin was at the $73 before it started correcting lower. Zcash price plunged below the $71 and $70 support levels. At the moment, Zcash is trading below the $70 level, but it might surge higher soon.

The price of Zcash is expected to surge significantly after the launch of Zcash hard fork. According to reports, there is an imminent Zcash hard fork launch. The name of the hard fork is Overwinter, and its launch date is close according to reports. Will Zcash recover? This network upgrade will significantly boost the value of Zcash (ZEC). Zcash price prediction 2019 is $200, and many analysts believe the coin will hit that level before the end of this year. If the network upgrade starts a Zcash bull run, then the $200 level might just be the next hit.

Zcash (ZEC) Price Today – ZEC / USD


At the time of writing, Zcash USD live price is $68 after a decrease of about two percent over the past twenty-four hours. The current market cap of the digital currency is $426.92 million. The trading volume of the digital currency over the past day is $226.80 million.

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