XRP Army Waiting For The Price of XRP To Hit Bottom To Buy and Hodl Ahead of The Next Bull Run

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As reported in our previous XRP news, the price of XRP has been having difficulty gaining against the USD. It is struggling to hold the support at $0.32 against the USD and is also down against the price of BTC. XRP wasn’t even part of the recent bull rally that took the price of BTC above $5300.

XRP News Today – XRP Price Prediction 2019

XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD

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The Bitcoin price action did little or nothing to contribute to the price of XRP. Breaking the trend seemed like a good thing at the time because the price of XRP was in trading in green while other cryptocurrencies were in red. However, now, more than ever, XRP may need to rekindle its relationship with Bitcoin. So, when the next Bitcoin bull run starts, the price of XRP will rise along with the rest of the market. This would help since the XRP development isn’t doing much to support the price.

It’s important to note that the current XRP price action is in line with one of our XRP price predictions that placed the price of XRP lower by another 50%. The XRP Army is waiting for the price of XRP to hit bottom so that they can buy and hodl ahead of the next bull run. In fact, some of them consider this fall in price as a good thing. This is because they have faith in technology.

Ripple XRP News Today – XRPayments App Trends in Google Play Store

Almost every trader on the XRP rich list is currently wondering why the price of XRP is falling significantly against the USD and if the current price of XRP will affect the XRP price prediction 2019. Well, it is important to note that almost every cryptocurrency in the market is currently trading in red as part of a market-wide price correction.

Just around the weekend, according to the XRP report on bitcoinexchangeguide; the official launch of XRPayments app on the iOS app store and Google Play was done. Designed by Ripple-backed startup XRPL Labs, the app with an in-built currency converter allows the payments to be made directly from the ledger or through XRPTip Bot.

“Right on time! Our XRPayments app was just accepted by Google and Apple. You can get the app now from the Apple iOS or Google Play store, and start accepting $XRP for payments in your physical store!”

XRPL Labs co-founder Wietse Wind had shared a demo of the app just last month. Within just two days of its release, the app even managed to make it among the top trending apps on Google play in the business category.

Recently, there has been news of XRPTipBot to be integrated into Skype in the near future. Moreover, XRPTipBot is moving to get a banking license as announced by Wind, the brain behind this application as well, at the XRP meetup in Netherland.

A move like such would definitely work in favor of XRP price and will open more opportunities for its retail and institutional adoption.

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