Could Telegram’s New Coin Be The First Mass Market Cryptocurrency?

Innovation is often used as a buzzword in the tech space, and especially in the crypto world. But what if a product was truly revolutionary? Telegram, a messaging app with over 200 million active users, hopes to be that revolution with the launch of their Telegram Open Network, or TON.

What is Telegram’s TON?

TON is the next frontier in cryptocurrencies, not just a blockchain, but an entire internet ecosystem, built on the backs of Telegram’s reputation for ease of use and anti-censorship.

The token to be used on the TON platform will be the Gram, a cryptocurrency that will take advantage of Telegram’s unique reach to scale quickly and efficiently up to millions of transactions per second – that’s light years away from Bitcoin, or Ethereum, which can barely manage per-second transaction rates in the tens.

The Gram Coin will instantly get a worldwide scale

Gram will instantly have a userbase of more than 300 million, as every single Telegram user will receive a TON wallet. Users will instantly be able to participate in the TON ecosystem and engage in Gram-denominated transactions with TON’s state-of-the-art decentralized applications.

This massive, existing Telegram community of over 300 million people will instantly propel Gram into the top cryptocurrency by transaction volume, which will most likely lead to the Gram’s significant price appreciation. Traders and investors who grab hold of this opportunity now could potentially realize outsized returns.

What are the Gram Coins’s Growth Prospects?

And this isn’t just hype. TON’s promise has led to it raising 1.7 Billion USD in 2018, making this transaction the second largest ICO ever conducted. While millions of retail investors might have wanted to participate, only 175 accredited investors with a minimum entry of $1,000,000 USD could do so. Telegram’s ICO was one of the hottest offerings in the history of ICOs.

Monfex analysts have even estimated Gram’s growth through 2022 and have discovered that Gram has the potential to generate up to $4 billion in revenue for Telegram. This means that Telegram would have positive net profit by 2020 and reach 1 billion monthly active users by 2022! Even under conservative assumptions, Monfex analysts have determined that Gram can potentially reach almost 800 million people.

Once the Gram token releases, it will be available for trading on crypto trading platforms, and those interested in trading cryptocurrencies would definitely do well by keeping an eye on this promising coin.

How to Take Advantage of Gram?

Demand for Gram coins is expected to grow significantly as TON rolls out its blockchain ecosystem and the Gram coin enters its mainstream adoption. Proof of Gram’s future growth potential can already be seen from the rapid appreciation of its ICO per-token prices: From just 0.37 USD in the first funding round to 1.33 USD per token by the second round. And there’s no doubting that it will only rise.

While most cryptocurrencies have turned out to be just vehicles for speculation, Gram’s potential is to truly be a digital, decentralized currency, available to everyone, censorship-resistant, and easy to use.

What’s the launch date of Gram?

Gram is expected to launch in the summer of 2019 by Telegram, but demand is already high. One of the best ways to stay on top of Gram-related news and analysis is by opening a trading account at Monfex. Trading at Monfex will allow you to receive the best trade ideas, trading signals, strategies, and the latest crypto news on a daily basis.

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What are leverage and margin trading?

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