What’s Next For Basic Attention Token (BAT) Price After Coinbase Listing?

The digital asset market has been fluctuating in recent days. Bitcoin has led the charge and others have followed although the prices of the top coins have been on a flux. Stability has been hard to come by. The price of Basic Attention Token makes it a promising market for the long-term. As long as the leading digital currency Bitcoin maintains a bullish trajectory there will probably be an excellent opportunity for the majority of the altcoins to enjoy bullish runs of their own.

This is a strong possibility even though the gains amassed by most of the altcoins will be less than that of BTC. However, there are always interesting exceptions among the top digital assets by market capitalization. The price of Basic Attention Token (BAT) is one example. An analysis of the charts indicates that BAT is set to move up strongly once again. The price of Basic Attention Token has successfully managed to shrug off bearish pressure, allowing it to rise. This is a remarkable situation that keeps traders and investors happy.

Could Basic Attention Token be the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2019?

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Basic Attention Token Price Prediction: The Price of Basic Attention Token is On the Rise

The price of Basic Attention Token is probably on the rise following Coinbase listing. For anyone watching the price of BAT in recent months, will quickly observe that the digital currency sees regular ups and downs. Considering the number of ups and downs the price of Basic Attention Token has managed, BAT is arguably one of the most volatile markets investors should keep an eye on.

Coinmarketcap portrays the price of Basic Attention Token trading at $0.413304 as of press time. BAT has a market capitalization of $516,606,428 with a 24 hour trading volume of $106,687,260. One month earlier, the price of Basic Attention Token traded at $0.232392. So, through this period, the value of BAT increased by 84.75%. The token has the potential to become a top 5 cryptocurrency in the long-term. With a circulating supply of 1,249,941,615 BAT, Basic Attention Token is the 22nd largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization.

Basic Attention Token Price Prediction: The Price of Basic Attention Token Bullish in the Long-term

BAT was revealed as the internet for listing by Coinbase. This was part of Coinbase renewed policy regarding listing 90% of assets in the market in a bid to comply with the current Digital Assets Framework. BAT was in bullish momentum after Coinbase official announcement, it dropped in past seven days. But is now steadily rising.

Basic Attention Token Price Prediction: The Price of BAT is Fluctuating, Traders and Investors Should Wait for Stability

Still, Basic Attention Token had resistances against bearish patterns that helped it keep elevating. Because the digital asset market is highly volatile at the moment, it is uncertain to say any particular thing regarding the price of Basic Attention Token. According to crypto enthusiasts, BAT cannot move past uncertain fluctuations. BAT is expected to trade at $0.25 by year end. BAT is currently in a fluctuating state. It is better to wait untill the market attains stability before you consider investing.

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