Basic Attention Token Up By 5% Amid Wider Market Sell-off, Primed To Reach Top 20, Next Target Top 10 On CoinMarketCap

Basic Attention Token News has stolen headlines so frequently that people are now searching for answers to questions like; what is Basic Attention Token, why is Basic Attention Token rising, is Basic Attention Token a good investment? Well, the token is currently trading in green while Bitcoin and almost every other cryptocurrency on the top 100 list are trading in red against the USD. This isn’t the first time that BAT would outperform the wider market. The token has so much potential that it is now a few figures away from the top 20. When BAT enters the top 20, its next target will be to join the top 10 cryptocurrencies per market capitalization.

BAT – Basic Attention Token News – What Is Basic Attention Token?

What is Basic Attention Token? Basic Attention Token is the native cryptocurrency of Brave Browser. Brave Browser is an Ethereum-backed decentralised browser that has been gaining recognition in recent time due to its emphasis on privacy and efficiency. There have been a number of positive Brave Browser reviews from verified sources in the past. The Brave Browser is available on desktop and Android devices and the goal is to make the advertising industry more democratic. This means that Brave Browser gives back power to the advertisers and users. It is leading the revolution to take over the centralized advertising industry.

Recently, Brave Browser announced that its users will now receive rewards for viewing ads. This reward would depend on how often the users view ads daily and they stand a chance to get up to $70 annually. There have also been many other promotions aimed at making the Brave Browser reach mass adoption. As the Brave Browser becomes more popular, so does BAT. The altcoin is trending independently of the wider market.

Basic Attention Token Price Prediction – Basic Attention Token News Today – Current Price Of BAT

For the last 90 days, the Basic Attention Token has been bullish against the USD. While the price has corrected lower a few times, the mid to long-term trend has always been bullish. It has increased by more than 250% against the USD. It is currently one of the best performing tokens in the space. This is impressive because most cryptocurrencies have been recording losses. At the time of writing, the Basic Attention Token was outperforming all the major cryptocurrencies. It was trading at $0.432557. It is up by 5.62% against the USD, 7.73% against BTC and 11.69% against ETH. The trading volume over a 24 hour period is $121,979,235 and the market capitalization is $540,671,599.

Basic Attention Token (BAT) is currently the 21st largest cryptocurrency on CoinMarketCapital. If the trend continues, it may enter the top 20 before the end of trading today. This would be followed by more bullish sentiments. It would eventually enter the top 10 position if it continues to trend like this. If the bears regain control of the market, the price of Basic Attention Token will most likely fall to the support at $0.40. Lower lows might see it move as low as $0.30. However, this is unlikely.

What do you think about the Basic Attention Token News Today? Will the price of BAT continue to rise against the USD? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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