Neural Networks and Blockchain Technologies in Dating Communities

Dating sites have become so advanced that it’s embarrassing. People invest tons of money and time into creating high-quality services and taking actions in tackling problems, connected with dating communities. Dating sites have become a successful business with time, so it needs much more than just a good clientele.

DateCoin is the first dating service that works with the help of Neural Networks technologies and intelligent systems, based on a business model with a comprehensible system of reverse purchase in the blockchain.

But DateCoin wasn’t the first service that provides these benefits. It was an ascendant of Denim – a leader on the Russian market that uses pragmatic means of dating, involving a fast-growing audience and involves high rates of return per active users.

A team of specialists with a high level of intelligence and successful evolving business created a highly requested product that differentiates from other dating services.

  • An intellectual choice of a partner, based on neural systems and technologies of face-scanning, which allows you to find people, based on your personal preference;
  • End-to-end encryption of chats and user data;
  • Blockchain platform for financial support, as well as the realization of a well-known algorithm of token purchase and reverse purchase;
  • Semantic and syntactic encryption of dialogues will help to determinate the most relevant system up to user’s standards and providing them with much-needed data.

DateCoin (DTC) is designed to provide each holder with understandable and advantageous conditions. DTC holders can sell their tokens in the secondary market or offer them for mandatory purchase by DateCoin through a smart contract. In addition, holders of tokens will receive special privileges and unlimited access to the service.

What are the benefits of DateCoin?

DateCoin has a number of benefits and new inventions, never used before in any types of dating communities. It uses tokensbased on ERC20 (if you know something about tokens, then you probably know what it’s about; if not – check it on specific sites or watch the video in YouTube for more information). DTC uses unique algorithms and blockchain system as support.

What were its founders aiming at? They wanted to provide users with innovations of the blockchain technology and make it easier for usual users to date with benefits. Intelligent search leads to more specific choices, and the accuracy of searching the person you want is as precise as ever.

Also, this system allows you to use artificial intelligence along with big data processing, which provides a variety of automation: contacts and calls history, analysis of user preferences, etc. It also can provide the best match of partners for a relationship, drawing a line between serious intentions and just chatting.

Blockchain is capable of creating a trustful environment in order to manage issues related to identification and verification. The authenticity of this verified service truly amazes all lovers of dating. As you can be assured, users don’t need to worry about bots, “dead” accounts, and fake thieves.

Projects of this company are providing the most trustworthy leader of cryptocurrency dating. Do you want to know about its profits? This service already made about 2.5 million dollars, and not less than 700 thousand users have joined this application. It says that the rate of each token will rise significantly, and 20 more million users are more to come and create accounts, using this technology. Most of the people will have to download the app to exchange the currency. DateCoin will have its customers ready to pay for their services even after ICO, which is, of course, a splendid piece of news for rate exchange. So what do we have? A single women finder with benefits!

Carolyn Coley is a blockchain reporter. She joined Smartereum after graduating from UC Berkeley in 2018.


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