Vechain Secures More Strategic Partnerships to Boost the Adoption of Vechain (VET) – VET Price Might Skyrocket Soon

One thing all crypto projects in the industry look forward to is more partnerships. Every digital currency project wants to secure more strategic partnerships. This is because an increase in partnerships usually results in an increase in the adoption of a digital currency. We all know that when the adoption and demand for a digital currency increase, it results in an increase in its value. Vechain is one blockchain project that as bagged a lot of partnerships recently. While the price of Vechain may not reflex the impact of the partnership in the short-term, the long-term impact is inevitable.

VeChain (VET) Price Today – VET / USD


Vechain has been thriving pretty well recently. While it is still far from the Vechain price prediction 2019, the cryptocurrency has been making gradual progress. Recently, Smartereum reported on the level of progress Vechain has achieved in its partnership with BMW.

Vechain’s Development and Growth Are the Center of Its Attraction – Will VET Price Recover?

A lot of digital asset investors, traders, and partnerships have been attracted to Vechain recently. The sudden increase in the attraction to the crypto project is a result of the development and growth around the project. Analysts are also releasing bullish Vechain price prediction 2019, which is also acting as bait for the coin.

One of the most recent partners of Vechain is Haier. Haier recently partnered with Vechain to integrate the blockchain of Vechain Thor into the Cosmoplat solution of Haier. This partnership did not have much impact on the price of Vechain in the short-term. However, it will definitely have an impact on VET price in the long run as there will definitely be an increase in the adoption of Vechain due to the partnership.

How High Can Vechain VET Price Go with Its Recent Developments and Partnerships? – Vechain Thor Price Prediction

The partnership secured by Vechain usually leads to an increase in the price of VET. Nevertheless, the price of Vechain is currently facing a hard time. The entire digital currency market is struggling to remain over key support levels. The recent plunge in the market even saw the valuation of the entire market cap plunge by more than $12 billion in less than a day. But while the price VET is struggling to stay afloat, the team behind the coin is working towards an increase in the adoption of the coin. The partnership between Vechain and Haier is a pretty bullish one, a lot of digital asset investors expected the VET price to skyrocket.

VET price at the beginning of the year was around the $0.004 level. The digital currency has been amassing gains, little by little. Vechain (VET) tested its 2019 all-time high on the 1st of April. However, the coin has plunged lower since then. But the current price of Vechain is still significantly higher than the way it started the year, despite the recent decline in the crypto market. This shows that Vechain (VET) has the potential to surge higher significantly in the short-term. All the bullish Vechain news are piling up, and a massive VET price break out is by the corner. Our short-term Vechain Thor price prediction 2019 is $0.01. But most analysts believe the price of Vechain (VET) may hit $1 by 2020.

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