Expert Analysts Claim Ripple [XRP] is Oversold; Identify Critical Point on the XRP Price Chart – XRP Price Prediction

ripple xrp price analysis

Ripple XRP price predictions for 2019 could be really tricky according to one expert analyst who has keenly followed the xrp price chart. This is an xrp news which would, no doubt, interest the xrp rich list and other digital asset investors interested in ripple xrp. While xrp price predictions has not been strongly affected in the recent past by ripple partnerships, this analyst and a number of other ripple xrp observers expect a swift movement in the xrp price chart any moment from now. This could either be a bull ride or a price bust depending on the technical conditions the xrp price chart meets in the coming days.

It is DO or DIE for Ripple XRP Expert Analyst Declares

Popular cryptocurrency analysts have concluded that ripple xrp is at a crucial point in its technical charts. This point, analysts claim, will determine if the cryptocurrency will surge to new highs or slump in the near term.

Before this xrp price prediction, a look at the xrp price analysis today.

Ripple XRP Price Today; XRP to USD

At the time of writing, 1 XRP to USD is trading at $0.299, about 0.6% gains from the same time yesterday. The ripple xrp price reached a high of 0.33 at the start of the week but slumped to a low of 0.287 two days ago along with the rest of the market which dipped sharply following the Bitfinex case. The New York Attorney General’s office announced the start of investigations in to Bitfinex and Tether. The negative speculations caused by the investigations affected the bitcoin markets as btc dropped to below $5,000 before stabilizing around $5,200. Other cryptocurrencies including XRP joined the dump.

Ripple XRP Could be Oversold at Current Price Range

Popular cryptocurrency analyst on Twitter Cryptomist has suggested that ripple xrp is in a critical position—on the verge of a spike or a notable downturn. According to her, XRP is set for a “bounce” in the coming days.

Cryptomist wrote:

“$XRP We are upon the .786 fib region as Weekly RSI is overdue a bounce (beware of any traps). Daily RSI pennant, we should break upwards by 4th may towards larger RSI resistance (36). Break of this 36 RSI resistance should sustain ground if BTC behaves.”

Peter Brandt identifies Do or Die Point on XRP Price Chart – XRP Price Prediction

Popular technical expert analyst for both conventional assets and cryptocurrency has raised an alarm on the price movements of XRP. He posted a live price chart of XRP with the caption, “do or die time for the $XRP bag holders” referring to digital asset investors in XRP or XRP rich list.

Other analysts made their opinions about xrp price prediction. A Twitter user simply identified as Ryan W explained that XRP weathered the storm better than expected. He added that the chat could to go bullish if XRP maintains $0.3 or drop if it doesn’t.

Riccardo Lopp is a writer specializing in Crypto, ethereum and whole blockchain ecosystem. His background is in economics and statistics.


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