Chances of Recovery for Stellar Lumens (XLM) Are Bleak in the Short-term but Bullish in the Medium and Long-term

Stellar was initially created to offer a decentralized network where users and banks can conduct cross-border transactions efficiently. The transactions will be between crypto or fiat. The protocol functions on a shared, DPL (distributed, and public ledger) to track all transactions within the network.

With Stellar, users can conduct transactions in mere seconds. In addition to that, the transaction fees for carrying out payment processing on the network is extremely cheap. The Stellar network charges users a fixed rate of 0.00001 XLM to cover for every transaction they conduct via its protocol. The price of Stellar was supposed to position the digital asset as one of the top altcoins in the space.

Stellar (XLM) Price Today – XLM / USD


Stellar Price Prediction: The Price of Stellar May Not See A Recovery Soon

Stellar Lumens was supposed to offer investors a unique value proposition. Now the price of Stellar is reportedly finding it difficult to initiate a recovery. Experts are saying chances of price changes toward the positive direction appear bleak. This is truly worrisome for enthusiasts and investors.

Stellar Lumens (XLM) is part of an open source, distributed and community. The objective of the coin is to link global financial institutions by facilitating transfers with unbeatable speed. Stellar aims to mitigate the speed at which transactions have been done.

Stellar Price Prediction: The Price of Stellar Has Been Hit By Fluctuations Since January This Year

The price of Stellar has been subject to fluctuations since the beginning of this year. The price of Stellar in USD grew for a few days before taking a steep dip to its lowest point of $0.07 on February 7. The highest price point for XLM was reached 7 days following the April 1 boom initiated by BTC. It was $0.1344 on April 08. Since then onwards the price of Stellar has been showing a downward.

The market cap of Stellar as of March 29 was $2,074,908,711 now $1,891,282,890. The price of Stellar was $0.107854 on the same date now $0.099149. Stellar’s current market capitalization is over 8.38 % less than what it was in the past month. The price of Stellar has deflated against the USD by 7.60 % in the last 30 days.

Stellar Price Prediction: The Price of Stellar Trading at $0.1 as of The Early Hours of April 29

As mentioned above the price of Stellar was trading around 0.1 as of the early hours of April 29. The price of Stellar is going through the correction stage. Experts predict the price of Stellar to rise to $0.12 in the coming weeks. This position will be a resistance level. The price of Stellar looks bullish for the medium and long term. By the end of the year, the price of Stellar could reach $0.3. It could reach $1.5 USD by 2020 end.

Short-term investors may make this their buying this period. They can get the best possible price now and enjoy profits in the long-term. The price of Stellar will reach its peak in a matter of days. Long term investors’ can be patient. They may expect almost twice their investment if they decide to hold till 2020.

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