Ground Breaking Performance by ZCash (ZEC) is Set to Continue Into Next Quarter

The crypto market was hugely affected after the recent Bitcoin-Tether revelations. A host of coins were affected with prices dropping. Obviously, it is as a result of the effect that the price of Bitcoin can have on other altcoins. The price of Zcash may have been particularly affected but there’s a silver lining despite the present scenario.

The price of Zcash has stayed bullish since its inception. Now, by means of increased partnerships with top businesses and merchants, the price of Zcash is already competing with other top dogs and the traditional payments models. Experts have now predicted that the groundbreaking performance of the price of Zcash may continue into the next quarter of this year.

Zcash (ZEC) Price Today – ZEC / USD


Zcash Price Prediction: The Price of Zcash Was Trading at $58.25 at Press Time

Currently, the return of investment of the coin stands at -98.59% with a circulating supply of 6,420,969 ZEC. As of April 29, 2019, with a market capitalization of $388,418,312, Zcash was ranked at 24 by the CoinMarketCap in its list of top 100 cryptos. The price of Zcash is trading at $60.49. With a 24 – hour volume of $159,529,782.

Zcash Price Prediction: Comparing the Price of Zcash From March 30 to Today’s Price

As of March 30, the market capitalization of Zcash stood at $353,817,585. Its price was $57.03 with a 24-hour volume of $202,182,370. In the last 30 days, the price of Zcash has recorded $77.08 as its highest price level and $56.69 as its lowest. In the last 7 days, the price Zcash saw its lowest at $59.06 and the highest at $70.51. The digital asset has gained up to 6% in the last 30 days. Experts expect it to increase more in the coming days.

Zcash Price Prediction: The Time is Right to Investors to Enter the Zcash Space

It should be recalled from 2018, that Zcash went into a collaboration with JPMorgan. The goal was to build a platform with the capacity to enable secure private transactions carried out anywhere in the world. The crypto-based company also went into a partnership with Parity Technologies in a bid to restore complete transaction privacy. This was purely through zero-proof nodes. Since that moment to this day, the price of Zcash has offered a good proposition for investors. The cryptocurrency has ultimately been listed on major exchanges around the globe.

This made it fully accessible to crypto enthusiasts and bulls. These developments and more has strategically placed the price of Zcash on course to reach great heights. To date, the performance of the price of Zcash has been groundbreaking. Per a previous report from the beginning of this year, Zcash revealed that it is rebranding and will be known as the Electric Coin Company (a name that is in line with the company’s vision for the crypto space). Experts expect the price of Zcash to show a sudden surge up and probably reach $100 by year-end.

The price of Zcash also has the potential to move past expectations and reach $250 in 2 years. It could cross the $500 mark in 5 years. Hence, the current market position points that now is the best time to invest in Zcash and wait to yield profits in the long-term.

Brian Lubin is a Crypto News Reporter for Smartereum. He's well-known for his reports on the crypto markets.


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