Basic Attention Token (BAT) Price Spikes As Coin Gets Listed on BiteBTC and Crex24, What’s Next For BAT

Basic Attention Token has had an amazing first quarter. The price of Basic Attention Token has benefited greatly in Q1 and the trend seems to be continuing. The coin has become more popular within a short period and is aiming for a spot in the top 20. The BAT price prediction for the year has been bullish so far.

BAT crypto news today – New Listings for Basic Attention Token

The crypto industry lights up when coin expansions and news listings come up. BAT is the latest coin to get listings and this has positively impacted the price of BAT. BAT didn’t just get listed on one crypto exchange, but two. Both listings happened on the same day and they are BitBTC and Crex24.

The crypto exchanges took to Twitter to announce the addition of BAT support for trading on their platform.

This means that all crypto enthusiasts can trade their BAT for Ethereum on the BAT/ETH pair. One of the exchanges, BiteBTC, is based in Singapore and it allows all users to trade BTC, ETH and other altcoins and tokens against fiat money. It allows Chinese Yuan Renminbi trading as well.

The second exchange, Crex24 added the BAT/BTC trading pair on its platform. Users can purchase and also sell their BAT in exchange for Bitcoin. This platform is quite new on the scene, but its listing will go a long way to impact the price of BAT positively. The exchange allows users to trade their crypto coin with fiat as well. It offers the options of both popular and rare crypto to allow users to get multiple trading options.

How will this BAT crypto news affect the price of BAT?

According to Coin market cap, BAT ranks 23rd on the list of digital currencies by market cap. At press time, this token was trading at 0.380239 USD. The price of BAT has surged greatly during the first quarter of the year, recording more than 200% increase in value.

This news will definitely impact the price of BAT positively as it will be available to a wider audience.

BAT growth has been influenced by Brave Browser which is native to the cryptocurrency. It has singlehandedly propelled the digital currency this far. Recently, Brave implemented its plan to pay users to click on ads and watch videos. The sharing formula was pegged at 70% for the users, and 30% for Brave.

Brave aims at creating fewer ads to reduce the inconvenience for users while allowing users to receive payment for viewing ads. The effect of this doesn’t favor the browser alone but increases the adaptability of BAT. The trading volume is expected to surge higher and it has shown in recent times. While most altcoins are in the red, BAT is one of the few cryptos that sees some increase in value.

BAT price prediction – BAT price analysis

Currently sitting at the 23rd position with a market cap of $484,196,951, the coin made it way from $0.20 to $0.38. at the moment, the price of BAT has seen 0.83% loss, but its progress is undeniable considering the fact that it is still new on the block. It is one of the few altcoins with the best runnings in the year. Its numbers are also expected to surge higher with its native browser in the picture.

Brian Lubin is a Crypto News Reporter for Smartereum. He's well-known for his reports on the crypto markets.


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