Ethereum Price To Hit $190 After Crossing Key Resistance, When Is The Best Time To Buy ETH?

Ethereum did well in the beginning of the year rising significantly against the USD and against the USD. The Ethereum price prediction 2019 became bullish and everyone believed that the ETH token will move as high as $200 and surge even higher against the USD. Unfortunately, after getting to the $190 level, the price of Ethereum stopped moving higher against the USD and started correcting lower. The second largest cryptocurrency per market capitalization was trading in the $150 to $170 range but a spike above the $190 has been predicted in the Ethereum News on U°Today. So, when is the best time to buy Ethereum?

Ethereum Price Prediction 2019 – Ethereum Price Analysis – Ethereum News Today – Best Time To Buy Ethereum

Traders have been looking for insight that would allow them to make profit during the rapid volatile price movement of the ETH token. However, the price of Ethereum isn’t recording rapid price movements like Bitcoin. Even when the price of Bitcoin started rising toward the $6000, the price of ETH was still moving slowly against the USD and recording little gains. In the next few trading sessions, the price of Ethereum may move higher against the USD. Many factors are influencing the current price of Ethereum in the market. For starters, the price of Ethereum just like the price of other cryptocurrencies, is being affected by the Bitfinex, Tether scandal.

The scandal isn’t just affecting the price of USDT which is now struggling to regain its 1:1 pair against the USD but it’s affecting the wider market. When the matter dies down, the price of ETH will go up by 3%. There is a strong support that has been visible for Ethereum since March along with a dynamic resistance that has been preventing more gains since the beginning of April. This means that a breakout is inevitable. However, there is still a little confusion about where the break out would be as the technicals show that the price of Ethereum will break out from the upper side while fundamentals show that there would be a breakout from the lower side of the current triangle.

Ethereum (ETH) Price Today – BTC / USD

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Traders have been encouraged to buy near $158.75 and take profits at $190. If the prices start falling, don’t sell off until it falls below the support at $142. From the current price action, it’s unlikely that the price of Ethereum will fall below the $155 level short-term. Right now, it’s either a bear flag or a double bottom would emerge. If the bear flag emerges, we should expect lower lows. However, if the double bottom emerges, the price should surge above $190 near-term.

Ethereum Price Prediction 2019 – Ethereum Current Price – Ethereum News Today

At the time of writing, the Ethereum current price was $163.08. This means that it is down by 0.32% against the USD and down by 0.42% against the price of BTC. The trading volume over a 24 hour period is $5,850,572,182 and the market capitalization is $17,277,707,193. Before the end of trading today, the price of Ethereum will most likely move higher against the USD.

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