Stellar Lumens Price To Hit $100 And Eventually $500, The Next Few Months Are Bright For The Stellar Blockchain

The Stellar development foundation is working hard to promote the Stellar blockchain and the Stellar Lumens price prediction. Ever since the Stellar blockchain was developed in the year 2014 by Ripple’s co-founder Jed MaCaleb, Stellar has had the goal of reinventing the cross-border payment sector by making international money transfer faster and more efficient primarily for the unbanked members of society. While Ripple has a similar vision, Stellar aims for the individuals but Ripple aims for the financial institution. The Stellar Lumens Coinbase listing has given the XLM token more visibility as we established in our previous Stellar Lumens news. Even if the price of Stellar Lumens is struggling against the USD, the Stellar Lumens news today is going to examine what the next few months and years hold for XLM.

Stellar Lumens News Today – Stellar Lumens Price Prediction – XLM Price Prediction 2019 – XLM Has Brighter Days Ahead

Throughout the year, Stellar lumens has been on a rollercoaster ride. It had to switch from being bullish to being bearish along with the wider altcoin market and, sometimes, independently of the market. Things like the Stellar Coinbase airdrop, which is organized by the Stellar Development Foundation, and the Stellar Lumens Coinbase listing as well as Stellar partnerships have put XLM on the headlines. The Stellar Lumens price prediction on CryptoNewz suggests that irrespective of the current price action of Stellar, the next few months would be bright for XLM.

A while ago, IBM announced that it would be using the Stellar blockchain to build an internal settlement system for some of its partner banks. This project is going to give Stellar extra exposure and make more institutions inclined to use it. This, in turn, will reflect on the XLM price prediction. 

One thing we should note is that even if the Stellar blockchain focuses on individuals, it has become the preferred choice for institutions. This may be due to the fact that it is decentralised, cheap and fast. A survey that was conducted recently revealed that executives in the financial space see the Stellar blockchain as disruptive. Statistics also showed that the number of active accounts on the Stellar network has grown to 1500 and is growing higher every day.

Stellar Lumens News Today – Stellar Lumens Price Prediction – XLM Price Prediction – Current Price Of Stellar Lumens XLM

At the time of writing, the price of Stellar was $0.096336. This means that it is down by 2.08% against the USD and down by 0.50% against the price of BTC. The trading volume over a 24 hour period is $205,668,022 and the market capitalization is $1,843,416,350. It is down by 9% over a 30-day period. Before the end of the year, the price of Stellar may hit $45. By the end of next year, Stellar will have what it takes to hit $100. The Stellar price prediction 2025 places the price of Stellar as high as $500 as long as the developments continue on the blockchain.

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