Cardano (ADA) Price Responds Positively to Marketing Efforts From Internal Restructuring

cardano ada price

Cardano has been operating on a small marketing profile since its introduction. Many have assumed that the reasons for this model are ideological, however, it may have something to do with internal conflicts in the arm of the network that is responsible for marketing. Latest reports for Cardano news today indicates that after undergoing a much-needed restructuring, the price of Cardano has started gaining momentum in the crypto market.

Cardano (ADA) Price Today – ADA / USD


The Cardano Foundation is the primary governing body of Cardano. The Foundation’s primary goal is marketing the digital asset and driving brand awareness. However, experts believe the network has failed to implement its model until the resent internal restructuring. Now for Cardano price forecast. It is clear that the price of Cardano has initiated positive momentum.

Cardano Price Prediction: How Building Brand Awareness Has Helped Shape the Price of Cardano

From being a lowkey project, Cardano has started to gain the type of enthusiasm worthy of a true crypto in the digital currency community.

Going by data on, web traffic for the projects primary website has increased from 200,000 to 400,00 from February to April this year. The data was collected by SimilarWeb.

In the same period, TRON and EOS websites showed stagnant growth. For’s, visitors increased from 270,000 to 280,000. While for grew from 210,000 to 230,000 in the same period as This traffic increase has definitely boosted adoption and impacted the price of Cardano.

For social media platforms, Cardano has been strong. From January 1 this year, the r/Cardano subreddit increased from 50,000 to 73,000 users which indicate a 46% increase, according to Reddit metrics.

For Twitter, Cardano has accelerated, with @Cardano increasing from 1,000 new followers monthly to 2,550 monthly. This is a 155% increase, according to Social Blade.

Cardano Price Prediction: How Transparency and Community Interaction Has Helped the Price of Cardano

As of May 7, Cardano revealed that it will initiate strategies to improve its community engagement and boost the transparency of its platform. Some of Cardano’s new commitments include:

– roadmap overhaul. There are now more details about releases and easier ways to track the progress of development

– Issuing internal status reports and product demo’s to the public weekly

– Monthly Ask Me Anything sessions with Cardano top employees

Instead of marketing, it would appear that Cardano is more focused on product development and research. However, at the back of a few heavy-hitting announcements, the price of Cardano has been increasing as the asset class expands its marketing presence.

Cardano’s new roadmap and the completion of the Byron phase, as well as the April IOHK Miami Summit in along with Cardano’s enterprise blockchain collaboration Ethiopia,  represent a reinvigorated move toward building community awareness. This has pushed the network to gain more users at faster.

Cardano Price Prediction: The Price of Cardano is Trading at $0.064074 as of Press Time

Cardano is currently ranked number 10 among the top cryptos by market cap. The price of Cardano was trading at $0.064074 at press time. The digital asset is down by 4.39% in the last 24 hours. Cardanos market cap stands at $1.67 billion with $54.61 million the digital assets 24-hour trade volume.


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