The Price of Stellar is Expected to Gain Bullish Momentum Following the Success of StellarCluster Meetup

Throughout this year, the price of Stellar has been on a rollercoaster. Prices have fluctuated greatly. The price of Stellar has had to switch from bullish to bearish sometimes. Now it appears that the tide is changing. Announcements like Stellar’s Coinbase airdrop (an initiative organized by Stellar Development Foundation), Stellar’s Coinbase listing, and a host of partnerships, have caused the price of Stellar to rally. Irrespective of the action that the price of Stellar takes, the next few months will likely be bright for the digital asset.

Stellar (XLM) Price Today – XLM / USD


Stellar Price Prediction: How Partnerships Have Helped the Price of Stellar

Investors are hopeful that Stellar’s collaboration with IBM & Deloitte will likely contribute to the upward shift of the coin. Stellar also hosted StellarCluster yesterday in New York which brought leaders and crypto enthusiasts together on a common forum.

As of April 8, this year Stellar’s market cap was $2,590,421,632. At the time the price of Stellar was trading at $0.13 with a24-hour trade volume of $367,997,103. The price of Stellar has had a bumpy ride in recent months. The digital asset has only managed a handful of highs since the year started. However, the price of Stellar has been falling since April. The price of Stellar is down by the time the price 26%.

Stellar Price Prediction: The Price of Stellar to Rally Due to More Adoption for Stellar

Recently, IBM collaborated with over five banks to improve transaction using Stellar technology. Stellar has recently cited that its network is currently used by 150,000 accounts on a daily basis. Stellar recently conducted an event. The goal was to discuss the application of Blockchain in businesses at StellarCluster Meetup in New York. Stellar witnessed good participation. The price of Stellar is expected to cross $0.15 by the end of this quarter. The next resistance will be $0.20. The price of Stellar can reach $5 in 2 years.

Stellar Price Prediction: The Price of Stellar May Rally to $100

Before the end of this year, the price of Stellar could go on to hit $45. By next year end, the price of Stellar could have the potential hit $100. Stellar price prediction for 2025 places the price of Stellar to grow to as high $500 as long as theirs still development on the blockchain. The Stellar development foundation has since been working hard in a bid to promote the price of Stellar and drive the digital asset to more adoption. Since Stellar’s blockchain was developed back in  2014 by Jed MaCaleb who serves as Ripple’s co-founder, the Stellar network has positioned itself towards reinventing the cross-border payment industry by making international transfer faster and efficient. This will be of great benefit to unbanked members of the public.

Stellar Price Prediction: The Price of Stellar Found Resistance at $0.118, $0.134, and $0.166

Coinbase listing of Stellar has given the token more visibility According to the latest data highlighting the price of Stellar, the one-day chart for the pair had resistance at $0.118, $0.134, and $0.166. As for the next point, we understand that the price of Stellar has had support positions on the chart at $0.100, $0.083, and $0.074.


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