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All investors are looking for the positive crypto market news to invest. The cryptocurrency price analyst on NewsBtc has predicted another bull run in the next few days. If you want to benefit from this bull run, you need to find out the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2019 and here is the list that you can double down on your accumulation efforts.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prediction

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Today – BTC / USD

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The first cryptocurrency on this list of the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2019 is Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the flagship cryptocurrency and even with the creation of so many altcoins, Bitcoin has continued to maintain strong dominance over the market. The Bitcoin price prediction 2019 is extremely bullish and the last few weeks prove that the largest cryptocurrency per market capitalization is living up to its name. In its most recent rally, Bitcoin outperformed almost every altcoin moving from the $5200 level to the $6000 level. In the next two days after the price correction, another surge is going to happen and the price of Bitcoin is going to break new resistances. You don’t need to break the bank to invest in Bitcoin, you can buy as many satoshis as you can afford. It would keep appreciating until it gets to one Bitcoin and even after that.

Cryptocurrency Price Prediction – Cryptocurrency News Today

Altcoins are attractive because they are more affordable than Bitcoin. However, before you invest in an altcoin, it is important to note that they are highly volatile. So, as much as you can make a profit from rapid swings upward, you can also suffer losses from rapid swings downward.

Tezos price prediction 2019

Tezos is one of the most promising projects out there. Between when it was created and now, the price of Tezos has surged significantly. It is important to note that Tezos price has a high volatility so it is going to be beneficial when you want to make quick returns. Right now, the price of Tezos XTZ is trading around the $1.15 level. Our previous Tezos price prediction places the price of the cryptocurrency above $1.45 in the next two weeks. So, if you buy now, there is a high chance that you’ll make significant profits soon.

Ethereum (ETH) Price Prediction

Ether is currently up by more than 100% from its all-time low. While the price was stuck in the $150 to $170 range for a long time, it managed to break the key resistance and move higher against the USD. If you’re looking for the best altcoin to invest in 2019, don’t leave Ethereum out of your list.

Cardano price prediction 2019

After Ethereum and Tezos, Cardano ADA is another worthy altcoin. However, it is a preferable option for patient traders who want to take long positions. The upcoming Cardano Shelley project is expected to lead to a surge in the price of ADA. If you buy now, you may be among those who will benefit from the surge. Other solid options are XLM, XRP, BNB, and BAT. Feel free to add your own altcoins to the list.

Cryptocurrency News – Brad Sherman to outlaw cryptocurrency purchases

The price of cryptocurrencies have been bullish for the better part of the year. Even if April had some bad days, there was an improvement in the general sentiment of the market. Basically, every cryptocurrency price prediction 2019 has been bullish. Even the XRP price prediction 2019 is bullish irrespective of the fact that XRP is one of the poorest performers in the space. After Brad Sherman cryptocurrency ban news, we will see if these bullish predictions will keep going or not.

According to the latest cryptocurrency news on Cryptoslate; Brad Sherman, a California Democrat, called for members of Congress to join him in introducing a bill to outlaw cryptocurrency purchases by Americans.

During the May 9th Committee on Financial Services, Sherman claimed that cryptocurrency is supplanting the US dollar in the financial system when it comes to conducting illicit activity:

“I’ll point out though that as we deal with illicit finance focusing on our banking system and our currency, cryptocurrency is moving in to fill the role…[there are detailed instructions on] how it’s secure and secret [and] how it can meet your needs if you’re a tax evader or a drug dealer or a terrorist.”

Although many in the community have responded that Sherman is grossly overlooking the useful applications of cryptocurrency, the technology’s utility in facilitating illegal activity shouldn’t be understated, either.

The fact that Congresspeople are now seriously considering cryptocurrency a threat to the financial system and the rule of law is a testament to its traction and utility, both among criminals and honest users. According to Sherman, cryptocurrency has the potential to “disempower” the United States and the US dollar, and that’s both exciting and terrifying.

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