XRP Boost to $0.40 After Red Trading Days Over The Last Few Months

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According to all the suggestions, Ripple needs to increase the use cases of XRP if the price of the token is to go up for the benefit of investors. One user talked about using XRP. According to him, Ripple needs to get an increase in adoption for the XRP token. The only way to increase adoption is to create more mainstream use cases. Everyone should be able to access the XRP token and use it for daily payment settlements rather than strictly cross-border settlements. The user also noted that Ripple is still far from achieving its overall goal because only a few banks are now using its xRapid technology which requires XRP. Even if about 200 banks are using RippleNet, most of them are using xCurrent which has little or nothing to do with XRP. Ripple needs to put more effort into recruiting banks to join its network and use xRapid.

Regarding getting more banks to use Ripple’s xRapid, one of the challenges the company is facing is regulatory uncertainty. The XRP SEC saga has been hovering above the name Ripple for a while now. There have been some claims that the XRP token is a security. The SEC is yet to say anything about the XRP security status and this is hindering adoption. Many banks are trying to avoid getting into trouble with the SEC by staying away for Ripple altogether. If there is some regulatory clarity, XRP will get a boost per adoption and price.

Another user suggested that the world is becoming a global village and people from different locations have a playing field to compete and succeed. Using XRP as a bridge would make the playing field more even. Members of society would be able to transfer value from one point to another at an affordable price.

XRP Price Prediction 2019

XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD

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The poor performance of XRP over the last few months is no longer news. Between the beginning of the year and now, the price of Bitcoin has moved from the $3000 level to the $8000 level. During this time, the price of XRP has remained within the $0.29 and $0.39 range. At first, when the price of XRP stopped gaining, members of the XRP rich list predicted that it was in an accumulation phase and would soon bottom out. The bottom was to be followed by a surge. Unfortunately, the price of XRP has neither hit bottom or surged since then. But it seems that this is the time.

Ripple XRP News – Ripple XRP Hits to The Moon

Volatility is back, and Ripple (XRP) bulls are in the driving seat. It may be because of Börse Stuttgart listing Ripple (XRP) and Litecoin (LTC) ETNs. However, what is evident is that behind today’s rally is interest thanks to a spike in participation levels. At this rate, it is likely that Ripple (XRP) will close above 40 cents as bulls aim at 80 cents.

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