Basic Attention Token (BAT) And Other Cryptos Included On Blockchain Phone By HTC, What Does This Mean For The Coin?

Basic Attention Token is gaining a lot of traction lately. The digital currency has gotten the attention of many digital asset investors, traders, analysts, and even top firms. The price of Basic Attention Token (BAT) is its major attraction point. The recent price trend of the digital currency has been very impressive, and many digital asset investors now consider it one of the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2019. The adoption of basic attention is also on the rise, thanks to Brave Browser, Basic Attention Token news, and the bullish Basic Attention Token price prediction 2019.

Basic Attention Token is the native digital currency of Brave browser. Brave uses the digital currency to settle users for viewing ads on the browser. The firm is looking to grow and expands its reach. As the Brave pushes for more growth and expansion, so will the adoption and use case of Basic Attention Token.

Cryptocurrencies Are Gaining More Recognition Every Day – What’s the Effect of the Recent Basic Attention Token News on Its Price?

The mass adoption of digital currencies tends to increase every single day. Gradually, digital currencies are amassing momentum. The adoption and integration of the underlying technology of most cryptocurrencies – blockchain – is also on the rise. Bitcoin (BTC) has been integrated into many devices. Blockchain technology has also been very useful in many industries. Blockchain technology has now found its way into the phone manufacturing industry. Yes, there is now a blockchain phone.

HTC Roles out Exodus 1 Smartphone with Inbuilt Crypto Wallet – Basic Attention Token Is Also Supported

A Taiwan-based electronics giant – HTC (High Tech Computer) – just released its second-generation phone. The second-generation phone – Exodus 1 – comes with in-wallet digital currency trading for users. The native wallet of HTC on its second-generation smartphone will allow users to directly exchange between an array of top digital currencies in the market. The wallet supports up to 60 digital currencies, Basic Attention Token (BAT) and DAI are also on the list. With this, users can swap directly between ERC20 tokens in a decentralized manner.

Blockchain technology has a lot to offer, and no firm or individual wants to be left behind. The smartphone industry wants to bring the unique features of this technology to smartphone users out there. Recently, Samsung was in the news for a similar move. The electronic giant has created a service for digital currency and blockchain users. In the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S10, the firm embedded a digital currency wallet. This is to give the users of the device quick and easy access to the crypto space. They can purchase and store digital currencies in their mobile devices. This would help to boost the adoption of digital currencies, which would in return, increase the prices of digital currencies.

Basic Attention Token Price Analysis – Basic Attention Token Price Forecast – BAT USD Price Today – Basic Attention Token News Today

Over the past day, Basic Attention Token is one of the top gainers. The price of Basic Attention Token has increased by more than 9 percent over the past day. At the press time, the digital currency is trading at $0.3910. The immediate support of the coin is at the $0.3890 mark. On the upside, the digital currency is capped at the $0.40 level. The current market cap of Basic Attention Token is $486.25 million, with a trading volume of $68.03 million over the past day.

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