XRP Primed For Significant Gains This Year According To Recent XRP Price Analysis From Experts, When Is The Best Time To Buy XRP?

Ripple joins Blockchain Capital VC Fund with XRP investment worth $25 million price

Whether you like to admit it or not, XRP is one of the most promising projects out there. Few cryptocurrency projects can stand the criticism XRP and Ripple have faced over the years. Some have referred to XRP as a shit coin while some call it a security. Over the last few months, when the price of XRP was stuck in a descending trendline, it attracted even more negativity from the rest of the cryptocurrency community. The XRP army stood tall during this period as they were certain that the price of XRP will bounce back eventually. Earlier in the week, XRP started surging against the USD and Bitcoin rising by more than 25% within a few hours. It surged above key resistances hitting the $0.44 level before a price correction started.

XRP Price Prediction 2019 – XRP News Today – Ripple News – XRP Bull Run – XRP Price Will Surge Significantly Before The End Of The Year

When the price of XRP surged, members of the cryptocurrency community came to a consensus that the surge in price was due to the announcement by Coinbase that XRP is now available for its New York Coinbase Pro clients. Normally, the surge in the price of XRP would have been attributed the general market sentiment. However, since the price of XRP didn’t surge when the price of Bitcoin started surging, it is safe to say that the Coinbase Pro announcement was the catalyst that fueled the XRP bull run. Well, almost every digital asset investor on the XRP rich list believes that the XRP price prediction 2019 is bullish against the USD and there is going to be a more significant surge against the USD soon.

According to the XRP price analysis on Crypto Thies, the price of XRP will surge soon. In the XRP technical analysis, it was revealed that enormous gains are coming soon. The technical indicators show that the neutral candles are poised for the accumulation of historic gains. After the price of XRP surged as high as $0.44, market manipulations allegedly led to a significant fall below the $0.359 level on the same day. To be fair, the price of XRP wasn’t the only one that suffered this market dump. Every major cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, fell significantly against the USD. The mid and long term indicators show that the price of XRP will still surge against the USD.

XRP Price Prediction 2019 – XRP News Today – Current Price Of XRP

At the time of writing, the price of XRP was $0.377738. This means that it is up by 1.01% against the USD and down by 1.95% against the price of BTC. The trading volume over a 24 hour period is $2,237,661,889 and the market capitalization is $15,915,373,211. This shows progress after it hit the $0.340 level yesterday. Right now, there is a strong support at $0.340 that XRP needs to hold to prevent a fall to the $30 level again.

If you haven’t been buying, wait until the price of XRP is near the $0.34 level to buy. Since the XRP price prediction 2019 is bullish, you can hold until the end of the year. Short term traders can buy now and take their profits during the next cryptocurrency bull run.

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