Ripple Price Today: Ripple continues to fall in spite of Uber usage rumors

Ripple has fallen from $ 1.15 in February to around $ 0.67 currently. It is currently trading around the same levels from the last 24 hours. It is down by approximately 3% currently.

While some of the other cryptocurrencies have bounced off from the lows, it seems like Ripple will continue to hit more lows. This is the reason why there is no buying seen in the cryptocurrency as well.

Uber may use Ripple:

Uber might start accepting cryptocurrencies. If it does, there is a rumour that it might use Ripple in order to facilitate the transactions. Ripple will be able to provide instant payment solutions to the cab sharing application.

However, this rumour has not had any positive effect on ripple. It is almost flat in the last 24 hours. Most of the other cryptocurrencies are also stagnating around similar levels.

When you look at Bitcoin, in the past 24 hours, it has just risen by 2% to 3%. Ripple has just risen from the bottom. It is currently stagnating around the same levels for the last few hours. This is the reason why it seems like liquidity has driven out of the cryptocurrency market.

Weekend factor:

Normally, any positive moves are absent near the weekend. Since the weekend will be starting within 24 hours, it seems like the positive moves will only come next week. The downside is that during weekends, downfall can be seen as well. Since most of the cryptocurrencies are stagnant, they will most likely fall as well. This is the reason why it seems like cryptocurrencies will not be able to do much during the next 2 to 3 days.

Also, there is the overhang of the news that Google will be banning cryptocurrency advertisements as well. This is still weighing in on most of the cryptocurrencies as well. This is the main reason why cryptocurrencies fell so significantly as well. It remains to be seen whether cryptocurrencies recover anytime soon or not.

For now, however, it seems like most of the investors are actually staying away from cryptocurrencies. Since there has been a lot of volatility, investors are actually afraid of venturing into cryptocurrencies currently. This is also leading to lower volumes. Owing to lower volumes, there are no large moves which are being seen in any of the cryptocurrencies. Ripple has been consistently receiving positive news as well. In spite of that, the cryptocurrency has been stagnating around the present levels.

Ripple price LIVE: XRP could fall further as token still struggling after crypto crash

RIPPLE (XRP) is still facing volatility this morning as the cryptocurrency token appeared in the green before dropping into the red again after all the tokens plunged in value this week. Here are the latest live updates on the Ripple price today.

After sinking to lows of $0.67 at 2am UTC this morning, Ripple regained slightly as it shot to $0.71 just an hour later.

It seems the token may be on a recovery but the coin later dipped again, now at $0.68 as of 9.20am.

The current XRP price today is a drop of – 2.5 percent.

Currently, only Bitcoin is hanging on to a positive upwards trend, up 0.15 percent to $8,169 after dropping well below the $10,000 threshold this week.

Ethereum, the second largest crypto by market cap, is also down 1.19 percent to $600 flat.

Here is the latest news and live updates on the price today. All times in GMT.

Friday, March 16
12.12pm update: Ripple added to Abra’s cryptocurrency wallet and exchange

Ripple has been added to Abra’s new mobile wallet app and exchange along with 19 other cryptocurrencies.

Abra said in a statement: “Abra announced support for 20 cryptocurrencies and 50 fiat currencies in a new version of our mobile app that includes a real-time exchange service across all 70 currencies.

“Users around the world can now buy, sell or store any of these 70 currencies within the Abra app and exchange between them at any time with no limitations. Abra is now the only all-in-one smartphone app in the world with these capabilities.”

Other cryptocurrencies to be added include Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, Dash and many others.


We’re happy to see $XRP added to @abraglobal’s new mobile wallet app and exchange and the continued momentum for XRP’s growing global liquidity.

11:00 AM – Mar 15, 2018
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11.47am update: Ripple executive sees positives in Google ban
The managing director of Ripple has spoken out in favour of the the decision by Google to ban all cryptocurrency advertising on its platform.

Danny Aranda said he welcomes the decision by Google as stricter regulations will improve clarity for investors and increase confidence in cryptocurrencies.

Google will also ban associated product like exchange platforms, coin wallets and even trading advice. The search engine giant follows the lead of social media giant Facebook, which took a similar approach earlier in 2018.

The changes will not take effect until June 2018 and gives existing campaigns a chance to run before they are blocked.

“Having regulatory clarity for entrepreneurs is a very, very good thing. It gives you a clear state of play, let’s you know what the rules are,” Danny Aranda told Cheddar.

“Over the long term, what you’ll see is greater regulatory clarity in the space. The markets will become more educated about what are good projects, and that would make everyone more comfortable in the underlying value of these things.

“Ripple is committed to openness and transparency on its blockchain platform, characteristics which are helping it soar even as its rivals are experiencing major price dips.”

10.33am update: Ripple price update
Ripple price fell sharply after Google’s announcement of banning cryptocurrency related ads and XRP has declined and is testing a crucial support on the daily chart.

Google announced they will ban all ads related to bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and the total market cap is down to $26,870.

Ripple’s price is currently $0.687 and is currently trading near a crucial support on the daily chart at $0.635.

The recent decline stalled at the $0.635 level and therefore there are chances of a recovery above $0.70 in the near term.

Ripple price chart

Ripple price chart: The price of XRP over a 24 hour period

9.30am update: Uber could join the crypto marketplace and may look to Ripple for a deal
According to the Oracle Times, Ripple, more than any other currency on the market, “offers the most benefit in a transaction-based partnership”.

They claim the inability to scale and high fees being a barrier to spending could put uber off currencies like bitcoin.

And they credit the “infinite future” of Ripple as a reason for uber to seek an agreement.

The website wrote: “The amount of growth and potential offered by XRP should be more than enough to peak the interest of a company like Uber.

“Ride sharing and decentralized labor has been a large step forward in disrupting both the ways our cities function and how the transportation industry operates–but the largest step has yet to occur.

“Whether it’s through full A.I. controlled vehicles or another feature of automation, Uber is going to change the world in ways few could have imagined just three years ago.”

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