Zilliqa Buy Volume Rises, What Does This Mean For ZIL Price Prediction

After the huge price dip for cryptocurrencies (during the extended bearish season) in quarter one of 2018 to the early part of 2019, the digital asset market has since been trying to return to its previous shape. So far from recent price action, the leading digital asset Bitcoin has spearheaded the charge which reportedly began on April 2. Since that time onwards things have been somewhat unstable but it’s much better than the full-blown crypto winter the market just came out from.

One of the tokens that have managed to stage a remarkable price action this season is Zilliqa. The price of Zilliqa has managed to rally upwards in the last few days. Zilliqa price prediction 2019 is also quite bullish. What should investors expect with the coin? What is Zilliqa price forecast?

Zilliqa Price Prediction: While BTC Is Yet to Fully Initiate its Bullish Rally, the Price of Zilliqa is Trading in the Green Today

Bitcoin’s slight break that made it continue swinging between $7,500 and $8,200, has made investors doubt if the digital asset market has ignited its bull run. There are concerns regarding whether or not we will see the bottom at this point. But for Zilliqa, things are different.

Zilliqa which currently ranked number 45 among the biggest digital assets by market cap began the day trading in the green zone. This has been the trend for the price of Zilliqa in the past few days. It appears it will remain on the upside for some time.

The price of Zilliqa has broken out of from the restraining force in the bearish zone. The asset class is looking to retest the top. As of the time this content was published according to data given by coin market cap the price of Zilliqa was at $0.021698. The digital asset has gained 11.64% in the last 24 hours which is impressive for an upcoming coin.

The coin has a market capitalization of $188,497,799 and daily trade volume of $117,529,439 with a circulating supply of 8,687,360,058 ZIL.

Zilliqa Price Forecast: Some of the ETH Stolen From Cryptopia Exchange Were Transferred to EtherDelta

It should be recalled that there was an earlier report about a security breach that resulted in the illegal transfer of funds from Australian exchange, Cryptopia at the beginning of the year. New reports have surfaced regarding the saga in the last few months.

Today there are reports that some of the stolen ETH have been transferred to yet to be identified exchanges. The initial report was that no less than 30,790 ETH (worth over $7.778 million) and 10 ETH (worth $2,500) were transferred to unidentified exchanges.

Now another 500 ETH, from the Cryptopia funds, have been transferred to an identified exchange known as EtherDelta.

The transaction, occurred on May 21 at 16:07:44 UTC.

Crypto News Today: The Situation With Cryptopia May Not Get Any Better Soon Enough

The situation with the exchange appears to be getting worse even though the company backing Cryptopia unveiled a series of schemes to keep the effects of the security breach down. Cryptopia’s decision to appoint Russell Moore and David Ruscoe as liquidator in the past week has been viewed as futile. Many believe it is medicine after death in the wake of fresh reports about the stolen ETH tokens.

Some observers have suggested that Justin Sun or CZ Binance could propose a buyout for the exchange should the situation continue in this direction.

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