Margin Trading – Profitable Investment in Recent BTC Market

In the contemporary world, wireless communication is in full bloom and people have become entirely dependent on online activities to get their work done. The online world has started witnessing a significant surge in the use of online transaction and Bitcoin has started to become the need of the hour. Its unregulated nature is proliferating its demand in the market. However, certain major security threat and cyber crimes pose constraint for this growth. Also, Government regulations serve another challenge to the Bitcoin’s growth. Take for instance the case of a U.S. Government agency, namely, Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The agency laid down certain regulations such as it appended tax to all the virtual currencies as a property and not as a currency. Thus enforcing users to maintain a proper record of all the virtual currency purchases made in one year. This increases the accounting complexity thus negatively impacting the bitcoin’s market.

Bitcoin Market: What’s Trending?

Bitcoin has been absolutely on a bull run and is rising strongly. The parabolic trajectory has grown over 8000, thus making the market look bullish. Certain signs in the chart show that playing cautiously now may prove beneficial in the long run. It can be observed that there are few weaknesses but along with it comes the enormous potential that will support the bulls continuation pattern.

The long term trend of BTC is continuously growing at a rate of 5.04% per month. It is estimated to hit around $50,000 by the end of the year 2022. With 50% confidence interval, the range lies between $28,000 and $85,000. Although this method worked completely fine in the past, this may change depending on the market. It is important to note that Bitcoin is constantly increasing in price but at a decreasing rate.

Here, the time and increase in price are directly proportional, that is, with each 1% increase in time, it witnesses a corresponding 5.87% increase in the price.

What has Bitcoin in store in the long run?

The future of Bitcoin looks promising after years of doubt. World’s most valuable cryptocurrency BTC is currently surging and is showing gains in double digits. Based on decentralization, transparency, and immutability, Bitcoin has successfully paved the way for the development of a thousand altcoins. It has also provided a platform for the development of innovative blockchain projects. With the current jump in BTC prices, every crypto enthusiast now claims their prophecy.

Investors are putting Billions in the market, thus making the market Bullish. There will be price fluctuation as well as regulatory interference that may slow down the BTC market. But considering the past trends and realizing how BTC survived the catastrophic lows, this crypto asset is now absolutely tried, tested as well as proven. Thus it can be easily said, “focus on the bigger picture… the future is Bitcoin.” And what better way to do that than keeping an eye on the major platforms that facilitate Bitcoin transaction like Bexplus.

Bexplus Exchange

It is the world’s leading Bitcoin futures leverage trading platform. It not only allows traders to take maximum advantage of the uptrend and downtrend of the crypto world but also lets traders make profits without having them to invest hefty amounts.

The main feature of any cryptocurrency is anonymity, however, cryptocurrency exchanges have mandated the KYC process. Bexplus, on the other hand, do not ask for KYC and one can easily register with Bexplus platform. The user interface of Bexplus is handy and its trading interface is easy as well as user-friendly. This allows users to quickly open short and long positions. Also, users can set up the stop-profit or stop-loss in the column of Hold order to control/minimize the risk.

100x Leverage

Bexplus offers a wide range of trading options including BTC, ETH, and LTC futures with 100x leverage. This simply translates into the user’s profits getting 100 times more than the original investment. For example, if a user invests 1 BTC, he will get the power of investing 100 BTC. Also, when the market price of BTC goes up by just 1%, the user will get a 100% profit.

Trading BTC futures contracts in Bexplus allows traders to enjoy low fees, zero spread, leverage of 1:100 as well as a trading simulator.

Does the Market look Bearish? Enter Margin Trading

Margin Trading is a dominant trend among all the cryptocurrency exchanges. Contrast to traders making profits only when the prices rise, margin trading allows the traders to bet on falling prices and yet make money.

Traders who are equipped with limited crypto resources, that is, Bitcoin or Altcoins can opt for Margin Trading. This will add leverage to the position or investment. In the face value, it increases the invested amount even when the trader doesn’t actually hold the crypto asset.

Why opt for the BTC Margin Trading?

Margin trading suffers a lot of controversies and is considered as risky even by the experienced traders. It has several advantages that help traders make a profit even when the market is down. Following are its advantages:

1. Significantly higher return on investment: In Margin trading, one can take advantage of leverage. This will make the return on investment X times, X being the leverage level.

2. Sufficient Flexibility: Make optimum use of timely market opportunities. This benefits the trader even when he has very less cash available.

3. The option to Diversify: With the Margin trading comes enormous investment potential. A trader can not only invest in BTC but also in altcoins with limited cash.

Understand the volatile nature of the market and take benefit of Margin trading that will help you make money even when the risk associated is high. Join Bexplus, you have a chance to make a great fortune with 100% BTC bonus as well as win free gifts.

Carolyn Coley is a blockchain reporter. She joined Smartereum after graduating from UC Berkeley in 2018.


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