Here’s What Zilliqa Did to Enhance Its Platform’s User Experience and Close Every Loophole on The Platform

Since its emergence, Zilliqa has been working towards enhancing its platform and mainstream adoption. The blockchain project has proven its bravery as one of the few research-back projects in the digital currency space. Zilliqa has had a pretty good year so far. Looking at the year-to-date chart of Zilliqa on CoinMarketCap, the price of Zilliqa has increased by almost 100%. While Zilliqa price has had a highly volatile year, the digital currency has managed to hold gains, making it more attractive for digital asset investors. Zilliqa price prediction 2019, which is pretty bullish, and the numerous good Zilliqa news and developments have also attracted more firms and digital asset investors to the coin.

Zilliqa Has Been Making Progress After Migrating from Ethereum Blockchain – Cryptocurrency News – Zilliqa News

Zilliqa migrated from the blockchain of Ethereum to its blockchain earlier this year. The blockchain project has recorded a significant level of growth since it moved to its Mainnet. Zilliqa has achieved quite a lot and it has been making waves since then. Zilliqa has secured some great partnerships, deals, it has been listed on some top trading platforms, and it is now working towards more use cases. Some digital asset investors see this cryptocurrency as one of the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2019 – thanks to this bullish cryptocurrency news and Zilliqa news.

Zilliqa Wants to Migrate to a New Address Format to Enhance the User Experience of the Platform – What Is Zilliqa Price Prediction After this Migration

As part of the process of migration, the blockchain project recently made a very crucial announcement. According to the announcement, the firm would be migrating to a new address format in order to enhance the platform’s user experience. The blockchain project made this announcement via its Reddit platform. They also explained why they are making such a strategic move on their official website.

This strategic move is meant to achieve two great things. The first is to enhance the user experience on the platform. The second is to address the present situation that could hinder users. The present address format of Zilliqa it similar to that of Ethereum. The address is made up of 20 bytes, and this might confuse users when carrying out transactions. Mistakenly, users might send Zilliqa (ZIL) tokens to a wrong address as a result of the resemblance in the address format, and this would result in permanent loss of tokens.

Zilliqa has decided to tackle this issue by adopting the bech32 encoding. With this development, if a user mistakenly sends ZIL tokens on an exchange or wallet, the transaction would be rejected by both the Zilliqa and Ethereum network. The blockchain project announced that there would be no technical consequence after the change, as it is just an additive change. Users can still access their accounts with their existing private and public key without creating a new one.

ZIL USD Price Today – Zilliqa Price Prediction – Cryptocurrency News – Zilliqa News Today

Zilliqa (ZIL) Price Today – ZIL / USD


Zilliqa has been trading around the $0.02 range for quite some time now. At the moment, the digital currency is supported at the $0.0190 mark. On the upside, the price of Zilliqa is facing hurdle at the $0.0250 mark. ZIL USD live price is $0.0201 after a decrease of about 7 percent over the past day.

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