Brave Browser’s Tipping Feature Eyes XRP Tip Bot’s Position as The Best, What Does This Mean For BAT Price

From Bitcoin to Ethereum, Cardano and Zilliqa, there has been a lot of good news coming for most of the cryptocurrencies in recent days. This has led experts and crypto enthusiasts to express optimism for the present and future prospects of digital currencies. It appears we may see the bulls for a better part of the rest of the year. The latest benefit of the recent stream of good news is Basic Attention Token. BAT price prediction has been surpassed already and Bat price is reaching new highs. With the success of Brave browser, the price of BAT could reach the top ten soon.

BAT Price Prediction: Basic Attention Token Has Been Top Gainer From the Recent Market Rebound – BAT Price Forecast

Basic Attention Token has been one of the best performing digital coins in recent weeks. The digital asset, which is operated on an open source platform, has been moving higher among the list of the largest coins. It has raised its stock in recent weeks following the latest market rebound.

Now the price of Basic Attention Token could extend its bullish action. The is set to gain more popularity due to the latest endeavor of the Brave Browser. Brave Browser is set to launch a new tipping feature on the BAT platform. Brave Browser which is a part of the BAT ecosystem is an open source browser similar to Chromium web browser.

Per the announcement by Brave, it’s new tipping feature has entered the testing phase with multiple options available for tipping. The feature is believed to similar to the XRP TipBot which offers rewards to content creators.

Brave said that it had started testing the feature on its Nightly desktop version. Here the content creators on will be tipped by users on Brave. Another feature called ‘Tip a Tweet’ will allow users to gift other users tweets as well.

XRP Price Prediction 2019: Brave is Posing a Strong Challenge to the XRP Tip Bot – XRP Price Forecast

Users would have the opportunity to tip content creators on well-known websites like YouTube. The new tipping feature will an attempt by Brave to challenge the XRP Tip Bot. The offering by Ripple has become a leading micropayment tipping service.

The new feature from Brave, when implemented, would see BAT become a major tipping currency for users. Brave uses BAT as its native token. Hence, the new feature would allow users to use BAT to tip content publishers and creators accordingly.

BAT’s aim is to correctly price user attention in its platform and to become a highly valuable currency. The team behind BAT is Led by Brendan Eich. BAT is an open source decentralized platform for advertisers.

BAT Price Prediction: The Price of Basic Attention Token Gained 1.14% in the Last 24 Hours – BAT Price Forecast

Basic Attention Token is currently ranked number 25 on the list of the largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. The price of Basic Attention Token has been making steady strides in recent weeks. According to data given by Coin market cap, the price of Basic Attention Token stood at $0.344033 as of press time. The coin has reportedly gained 1.14% in the past 24 hours. Despite the fact that experts and crypto enthusiasts have shown optimism for the price of Basic Attention Token, it remains to be seen if Brave’s new tipping feature will trigger an increase in the price of the coin.

We can only wait to see how things unfold in the next few days. One thing is certain BAT is bullish as of press time.

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