How High Can Tezos Go As The Mini Bull Run Continues? Should You Invest In Tezos

Tezos is slowly becoming a major offering in the crypto space. It is arguably a big name when you talk about dApps and smart contracts. The Tezos token is multi-functional because it is a multi-purpose platform. The protocol is built to operate on a self-developing Blockchain platform. The digital asset was established by Arthur Breitman, an ex-Morgan Stanley analyst. The price of Tezos has made notable progress since January this year. Tezos price had its all-time-high position when it traded at $12.19 in December of 2017.

Tezos has flourished so far. The offering has made several investments and partnerships with the notable investment from the platform Chorus Mobility. Volatility is always an issue with cryptos, but despite fluctuations in the price of Tezos, experts have shown optimism in the current action of the price of Tezos. It appears the digital asset is set to rally.

Tezos Price Prediction: The Price of Tezos Was Trading at $1.62 at Press Time – Tezos Price Forecast

The price of Tezos recorded a strong performance against the USD last week. This week may have started with a slight decline but today things are going green once more. As of earlier in the week, the price of Tezos was trading at $1.47. Now, it is clear that it has risen to $1.62 against the USD as of the time this content was published according to data given by coin market cap. The growth although small may be the springboard to more gains in coming weeks.

The coin offers a return of interest of about 243.48% per data given by coin market cap. The crypto’s 24-hour volume is $4,943,366. Tezos is currently ranked number 16 among the top digital assets by market cap. It holds 795,283,277 XTZ as supply with a market capitalization of $1,065,005,423.

Tezos Price Prediction: The Price of Tezos Bottomed at the Start of This YearTezos Price Forecast

As we can observe from the price action, XTZ reportedly, bottomed at $0.44 at the start of the year. The price of Tezos didn’t show significant improvement in April. However, from March 18, the coin began to show its potential, to trigger a price spike. Since that time onwards, Tezos has not turned back. It has continued moving up, but with a number of price fluctuations.

Finally, Tezos reached as high as $1.88. It has gained 4.5% in the past 24 hours, as the price surged to $1.62 from $1.55. Tezos has announced its support for the Chorus Mobility protocol recently, which is expected to impact prices.

Tezos Price Prediction: The Price of Tezos Could Reach $2 in the Next Week – Tezos Price Forecast

The price of Tezos is set for bullish action. Hence, it recommended that short term investors make haste now. The reason for this is because the price of Tezos is likely going to reach the $2 mark in one week as the bulls are set to take control of the market. For Tezos long term outlook, it is safe to say the price of Tezos could cross $10 in 2020 if the current parameters remain in play.

It would seem, the price of Tezos has yet again experienced a roller coaster ride in 2019. However, it is now set to go higher. The signals for further price increases are clear.

Brian Lubin is a Crypto News Reporter for Smartereum. He's well-known for his reports on the crypto markets.


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