XRP Having A Really Encouraging Week By Reaching Highest High – How High Can XRP Go?

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There are many possible factors that have influenced the rise in XRP payments. For starters, Ripple released Xpring, just before xRapid in 2018. Xpring is a Ripple funded project that aims at promoting the development of the XRP ecosystem by investing in startups that want to create products and services. Apart from this, XRP also got integrated in Microsoft’s Outlook and the XRP army has been calling for its integration in Skype, Chrome extension, and Gmail.

There are many other reasons why XRP payments increased over the last few months but it all boils down to an increase in adoption. More people learned about XRP and started using it because of its speed and security. The more XRP payments increase, the closer Ripple will be to achieving its goal of dominating the payment settlement sector. This will increase the demand for XRP which will eventually lead to a surge in price.

Ripple XRP News Today

Shortly after Ripple shared the news, the information was collaborated by an analyst at StrongMarket, Cryptopolis. The analyst said;

“Breaking: XRP payments on the XRP charts is the highest it’s been since before the bull run in 2017.”

Another reputable member of the cryptocurrency community Galgitron, agreed with Cryptopolis. In his words;

“Massive spike in micropayments. No idea what it’s about, but it could very well be just one actor, so don’t lose your mind. Remittance-size payments volume still high, big weekend drop suggesting at least some utility. If this weekend is similar, really encouraging.”

XRP Price Prediction 2019

At the time, the price of every cryptocurrency, starting with Bitcoin, was surging against the USD. This includes XRP. Unfortunately, the bull run was followed by a cryptocurrency winter. During this time, the XRP payments reduced significantly falling as low as 52,375 in September 2018. In January, the XRP payments fell lower to 49,079. In May, digital asset investors on the XRP rich list lost hope when that figure hit a low of 16,818.

XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD

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Mass adoption can drive the price of XRP back to its all-time high above $3. It will even have the potential to gain more.

XRP Price Analysis – Hit $0.5 soon

Ripple has been getting a lot of wins recently. From new partnerships to endorsements from public figures, the company is determined to reach mass adoption in the next few year. This morning, every digital asset investor on the XRP rich list was excited when Ripple released a chart indicating that XRP payments have reached their highest highs since before the 2017/2018 cryptocurrency bull run.

Recently the SCM of Thailand has announced that it will be using Ripple’s blockchain technology to improve the quality of its international transactions. Ripple has built itself up from scratch and its origin story is often not discussed more often. XRP is slowly gaining some momentum as was predicted. However, this will not last for long a minor decline is on its way and Ripple should be prepared for it.

If we look at the analyze on cryptopolitan; the thirty-minute charts we notice that XRP has been going through an ongoing bearish run since May. The market quotes have dropped down by twenty percent (20%) and this means that Ripple still drops to the support levels of ($0.38). On the other hand, if we analyze the four-hour charts the scenario we are presented with looks much more reassuring. This data suggests that Ripple might recover and start a bullish rally sometime around.

All of these signs indicate an incoming bullish rally. It is currently trading around $0.388 but the $0.5 mark is not far by the end of May or mid-June.

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