The Real Reason Behind Bitcoin’s Price Crash Revealed-Sun Jun 09

Bitcoin investors in the United States are selling off their crypto to pay off capital gain tax.

First-time investors in the Bitcoin system software are faced with large capital gain taxes from the profit they made in 2017. Reports show that they are now selling off quickly before they file their April taxes.

You’ll recall that the IRS made an announcement in 2014 that cryptocurrencies are defined as property and not currency.

The CEO of ARK Invest said in a quote:

“Those who have never paid taxes before are shocked. Many people gained a lot from cryptocurrency last year but currently, do not have enough cryptocurrency to pay taxes for their last year’s gains.”

Also, the founder of, Vincenzo Villamena said that people have realized that they are stuck with large tax bills. They are either preparing to pay or selling off the cryptocurrency.

How Does Selling Off Cryptocurrency Help People Avoid Paying Huge Taxes?

If an individual buy and sells Bitcoin within the same year, the person will be taxed on short-term capital gains which can be as high as 39% depending on the tax bracket.

Airdrops and Bitcoin mining are also being taxed. However, they are taxed as ordinary income, and so the rate depends on the Individual’s tax bracket. However, when a person holds on to Bitcoin for more than a year before selling, it will only be liable for what the IRS refers to as long-term capital gains. The rate for this kind of tax is significantly lower from about 15 to. 23.8%.

At the same time, Google announced banning all cryptocurrency related ads pushing Bitcoin prices to an all month low. The volatile cryptocurrency fell by $500 within a six-hour space. This isn’t a surprise since cryptocurrencies are highly susceptible to troughs in values and spikes.

Andreas Kaplan is a freelance cryptocurrency and blockchain writer.


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