Last Days To Buy XRP As XRP Price Will Hit to $5-$10 Soon – Best Time to Buy XRP

XRP price prediction

Back in 2017, the price of XRP achieved a milestone that saw it become the best performing digital currency. XRP surprisingly rose by 25,000%. The price attained an all-time high of $3.84.

Despite the fact that the price of XRP now trades around $0.38, earlier investors from its launch have gotten a whopping 6,425.76% ROI.

With the price of XRP declining, enthusiasts still remain optimistic that its value will skyrocket once more.

Ripple News Today – XRP has the potential to overthrow BTC 

It is no secret that XRP has the potential to overthrow BTC and become the next crypto mogul. Some believe it is the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2019. This may be the truth because XRP’s recent data shows that XRP has been massively adopted across the globe. The digital asset has so far performed well enough. Considering how Ripple chose to follow the regulatory framework in a bid to increase XRP’s adoption among governments, there’s no doubt that the digital asset has great potential for good things.

One major excitement about XRP is the fact that the digital asset solves important issues in the financial world.

A second reason is that Ripple, the company, is working with regulators across the globe at the moment to bring regulatory clarity for crypto. This will definitely improve crypto adoption especially that of XRP.

Another factor that is likely to push XRP, is the speed at which the digital asset works. XRP is a thousand times faster than Bitcoin. This had made big firms to see multiple reasons to use the digital asset for their cross-border remittance services.

Looking at the above-mentioned factors, it is difficult to deny the fact that Ripple’s XRP has the potential to become a top coin.

XRP Price Prediction 2019 – Bearable Bull Run Prediction

XRP (XRP) Price Today – XRP / USD

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The crypto analyst named Bearable Bull Run cited that the cryptocurrency market is going to see a massive boom overall. He said the build-up to the next crypto bull run can draw comparisons to the previous one. He has weighed into the future of XRP, claiming that the price of the asset class will reach $5-$10 in the next 9-10 days

The popular analyst took an example from the past on 28 November last, where the price of XRP experienced a considerable spike. By December 11 of the same year, the price of XRP gained 25% as its stock grew exponentially. This made the analyst purport that before the end of May 2019, the price of XRP will see a massive boost.

Bearable Bull declared that the limit the price of XRP can reach by 2020 is $1200. The analyst did not doubt the possibility of the price of XRP jumping to $1200 by year-end. His reasons for making this declaration about XRP is that XRP will enjoy mass adoption. According to him, the digital asset will be adopted by Central Banks and big commercial banks. He also says the digital asset will likely be adopted by the IMF. It should be recalled that Ripple has been closely allied with the IMF with the company getting several invitations from the World Bank and regulators around the globe.

Ripple Price Analysis – Golden Cross Pattern

As reported by U.Today, XRP is on the verge of forming a golden cross pattern, which is a surefire signal of a bullish reversal. If it follows in Bitcoin’s footsteps, it could be a boon for XRP holders who were mostly left on the sidelines of most recent crypto rallies.

According to CoinMarketCap data, XRP is currently sitting at $0.422 after breaking above yet another key resistance level. At this point, everyone’s favorite remittance token is eyeing the $0.50 price tag, giving investors every reason to be bullish on XRP in the short term.

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