XRP or Bitcoin, Which Digital Asset Will Rule the Financial World?


In the digital asset sector, some people are for Bitcoin (Bitcoin maximalists, or Bitcoin bulls). While there are also those who think XRP, the native token of Ripple will take control of the financial world in the future. Hence, the supremacy question comes in to play between XRP and Bitcoin. Which of the two digital assets will rule the financial world? There’s an independent opinion about the ongoing debate. Weiss Ratings has declared that both coins can actually be valuable assets into the future moving forward.

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Grayscale Investments Has Spoken in Favor of Buying Bitcoin Over Gold

Lately, many cryptocurrency advocates out there have been of the view that Bitcoin will soon be replacing gold as the store of value. Fans of Ripple’s XRP have always believed that XRP will inevitably be a bridge asset between crypto and the traditional financial industry. Weiss Ratings is of the view that these assets mentioned above could actually interact in a multi-coin future with each other.

One avid vocal components of buying BTC over gold is Grayscale Investments. The company has been outspoken regarding its support for Bitcoin. Grayscale’s argument is that in the digital sector, BTC is the future. The firm has even initiated an ad campaign on American TV. In the event that Bitcoin closes on gold’s market capitalization, the price of Bitcoin could rocket to no less than six-figure sums.

Meanwhile, XRP on the other hand aims to give the global crypto payment system something better in a bid to compliment Bitcoin’s efforts in this regard. XRP can give its users a quick and cheaper way to complete transactions with no boundaries of any sort. Definitely, it is clear that both tokens are actually valuable in their own way.

XRP to Become the Best Means for Completing International Transactions

What’s more? According to Weiss Ratings, Ripple’s network will soon offer the best means to complete international transactions hassle-free. The international remittances sector is one example of a sector that can be taken to a new level by the worldwide appeal of Ripple’s XRP token. This could push the price of XRP to record astronomical figures.

While the two major options are XRP and BTC, many experts have also argued that there’s room for a number of coins to become valuable now and in the future. Payment models, smart contract platforms and stores of value are just only a few examples of use cases cryptos can bring to the table. Now, with next-generation tokens like IOTA making waves, the future promises to see more financial interactions between devices, tools, and vehicles.

Whether it is XRP or Bitcoin, Both Assets Can Offer Good Value Now And In the Future

Although there are some who see value in just one of the two digital assets, it looking a lot easier to foresee a future where a group of digital currencies are seen as a store of value by the masses. As individuals become more and more familiar with the different uses of different digital currencies, these coins may eventually begin to take more defined roles in society. Hence, we agree that both digital assets, whether it is Bitcoin or XRP can offer value now and in the future.

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