Analysts Say This Is a Great Time to Invest in IOTA (MIOTA), Here’s Why

IOTA (MIOTA) is one of those digital currencies that have seen very positive movements over the past couple of weeks. IOTA (MIOTA) is a Tangle-based digital currency, it is also known as the IoT cryptocurrency. No doubt, digital asset investors that invested in IOTA (MIOTA) have no regrets about their investment choice, especially those that invested in the digital currency this year. The recent price of IOTA has been pretty impressive, resulting in more bullish IOTA price prediction 2019. With more development and IOTA news, the price of IOTA (MIOTA) will continue to surge higher. However, no one is so sure if these positive movements will also be seen this week.

IOTA (MIOTA) Price Today – MIOTA / USD


Digital currencies are highly volatile. Just the way almost all coins in the market skyrocketed and tested new highs, the market might still go sideways this week and crash. Hence, when looking for the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2019, it is crucial that you scrutinize the coin before you make your investment. However, IOTA (MIOTA) has proven to be one of the best cryptocurrency to invest in 2019. With the recent IOTA news and MIOTA price prediction, MIOTA USD price doesn’t look like it can be stopped anytime soon. Here’s the reason why you should consider investing in IOTA (MIOTA).

MIOTA Price Prediction 2019: IOTA Announces a Huge Upgrade that Will Revolutionize Its Ecosystem – IOTA Price Forecast 2019

The recent upsurge in the price of IOTA is attributed to the recent MIOTA news. The IOTA Foundation recently announced a forthcoming upgrade that will revolutionize the IOTA (MIOTA) ecosystem. According to the announcement, the upgrade is a huge one, and it promises to resolve a series of concerns that digital asset investors and traders have had with the ecosystem of IOTA.

One of the major concerns about crypto projects in the crypto space is centralization. While many digital currencies are working towards decentralization, no digital currency is fully decentralized. This has been a great concern for digital asset investors. However, IOTA (MIOTA) is about to take a very big step towards decentralization with this new update. An update, which is known as Coordicide Solution, will help solve a major issue with the IOTA coordinator. The IOTA coordinator is a system which was created to keep the IOTA network secure.

IOTA wants to make its platform enterprise ready so that top businesses and firms can make the most out of the technologies of IOTA. This is huge for IOTA (MIOTA), as well as other projects in the crypto space, as it would help increase the use case and adoption of digital currencies. If the technology of IOTA is used by many top firms and businesses, the adoption of IOTA (MIOTA) will increase, this would result in an increase in the price of IOTA. As the project is working hard to be enterprise-ready, this seems to be one of the best times to invest in the digital currency.

IOTA Price Analysis – IOTA Price Prediction 2019 – IOTA Price Forecast – MIOTA USD Live Price – IOTA News Today

At the moment, IOTA is up to the 10th position on the list of top digital currencies by market cap. IOTA price is currently supported at the $0.13 mark. MIOTA USD live price is $0.1350 after an increase of 3 percent over the past day. IOTA is currently capped at the $0.14 mark on the upside. A break over this level is needed for more gains towards the $0.15 and $0.16 levels.

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