TRON and IOTA Start The Week Poorly Despite Performing Better Than Bitcoin Last Week

Tron and IOTA price forecast for June 3 shows that the two digital assets began the day poorly despite doing better than BTC only a week earlier. The altcoins recorded an impressive price performance over the past week. There have been several declines spotted as this week kicks off. Here we will see an analysis of the price of Tron and IOTA after they began trading under following a strong week that saw them outperform Bitcoin.

Top Coins Are Declining as of June 3

From the recent trade action, it was discovered that the crypto market started off this week in decline. There were declines in the price of Tron which was preceded by bearish divergence that formed on the daily chart of the TRX/BTC pair. The price of IOTA also declined as well. TRX dropped to the point where $0.035 became a support position. The price of Tron had significantly outperformed market leader Bitcoin over last week’s price action having recorded a 23% appreciation against the price of Bitcoin.

Last week’s price action for Tron marked the third time this week that Tron appreciated against the value of BTC.

Tron Price Prediction: The Price of Tron Dropped Under 430 Satoshis Today

The price of Tron has managed to rise and close above a former resistance of 430 Sats.

Yesterday’s candle was created as a Doji which indicates uncertainty from traders following the price of TRX rising above the position.

The price of Tron dropped below 430 sats, but buyers returned into the picture quickly which brought the price of Tron back above this position.

The MACD and RSI patterns are increasing via the daily chart of the TRX/USD pair which indicates that momentum is high for the TRX/BTC market and prices could likely to go up from here. The recent market position has been bullish with higher highs and lows forming.

IOTA Price Prediction: The Price of IOTA Dropped to 5550 Sats Today

The price of IOTA had a strong start to the past week. Which it followed up with volatile trading at $0.486. Since the increase in price last week, indicators have signaled that sell pressure has been gaining momentum.

The daily RSI has begun to form lower lows and highs while the MACD pattern has started converging. The RSI and MACD lines are commonly regarded as gauges for buying and selling pressure. When the MACD line is starting to converge, it indicates that the buy pressure of an upward movement has dropped.

The price of IOTA much like Tron also had a better performance against BTC last week but has started trading in between a previous high point and the current high.

The price of IOTA has currently dropped low to the point of the former high of the coin at 5550 Sats.

We can also see a bullish divergence between IOTA’s daily price and the RSI preceded increases, which began in mid-May.

Yesterday’s daily candle via the chart highlighting trading for the IOTA/BTC pair formed as a Doji and the current candle formed as a Doji as well showing some uncertainty about traders as the price of BTC maintained its value over IOTA at 5550 Sats.

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