VeChain Has A Lot Of Goodies In Store For June, Sunny Lu Gives Hints Of Game Changing Progress, How High Will VET Go?

VeChain News Today – VeChain keeps making the headlines as the VeChain Foundation aims at making VeChain the best and most popular blockchain in the world. Ever since the VeChain mainnet launch and VeChain token swap, VeChain have delivered several products and sealed many partnerships. The VeChain blockchain has proven more efficient than Ethereum and many other blockchains. This is why professional services firm, Deloitte, migrated from Ethereum to VeChain and applauded VeChain for its speed and efficiency. VeChain has also made progress in the supply chain management sector with partnerships with various companies including those in the agricultural industry. This June, more great things are store. In our VeChain news today we would have a summary of the latest VeChain products and partnerships and what the VeChain Foundation has in store for June.

VeChain News Today – VeChain Thor Price Prediction 2019 – VeChain Latest Update – VeChain Thor Has Goodies In Store For June

Over the last few weeks, VeChain partnerships increased significantly. A partnership with Cupid Farm Milk saw the development of a supply chain tracking system which went live to track the supply of milk for the company. This partnership involved the development of a consumer confidence index and supply chain tracking system on VeChain Thor. Eventually, VeChain will have a dominant portion of the $50 trillion supply chain management sector. Keep in mind that this new tracking system isn’t the first to be used in the supply chain management sector that is based on decentralized technology. However, the fact that it has a consumer confidence index is encouraging. Customers can quickly use their smartphones to confirm the quality of the product.

VeChain (VET) Price Today – VET / USD


During the VeChain summit, the VeChain Foundation announced that they have developed a ToolChain that would make it easier for individuals and corporations to build on the VeChain blockchain. This BrightCode was developed seamlessly on the VeChain Thor blockchain using the ToolChain. Let’s not forget that the partnership between VeChain and DNV GL, which is geared toward quality assurance on the blockchain, has been yielding fruits. There are more partnerships on the horizon and these new VeChain partnerships can potentially lead to a surge in price.

VeChain News Today – VeChain Thor Price Prediction – VeChain Latest Update – VeChain Has Big News Coming Up In June

Toward the end of May, Sunny Lu hinted that there would be another big VeChain news in June. While the nature of the news was not revealed, he said that it has the potential to change the game not just for VeChain but for the entire blockchain space. So far, all the previous VeChain partnerships haven’t had a significant influence on the price of the VET token. According to the VeChain news on, this may be because these partnerships are geared towards enterprise adoption of blockchain technology and this doesn’t always appeal to the overall community.

At the time of writing, the price of VeChain VET was $0.007132. This means that it is up by 6.37% against the USD and up by 0.22% against BTC. The trading volume over a 24 hour period is $14,972,066 and the market capitalization is $395,527,859. Before the end of the month, we would all know if this big announcement by the VeChain Foundation will have an effect on the price of VET.

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