Is Basic Attention Token Dead? BAT is Prepping for a Breakout Shortly

It is safe to say that the erratic nature of BTC has become a part of the digital asset market. When Bitcoin is volatile, the entire crypto market will also be highly volatile as well. Hence, these factors are essential to the value of altcoins. For this reason, altcoins like BAT have been losing their value by a mile. At some point, there were fears that BAT was dead. Even from the 5-day chart of the BAT/USD pair, there was evidence that the price of BAT was hardly able to hold its value in a positive pattern. Gradually, it is now sweeping downwards in between peep-ups.

Number of Brave Browser Downloads Has Increased By Millions

There’s hope for BAT. It is clear that the number of downloads for Brave Browser has increased to more than 2 million for Android devices alone.

Brendan Eich who serves as the CEO of BAT and Brave gave confirmation of the above report. According to him, over 1300 ads are in the waiting list for Brave Browser Ads. Then the sum of Brave publishers rose to 126,045, The rest includes 8k Twitch publishers, 96k Youtubers, and 21k websites.

The BAT community is home to positive users having reported high earnings from Brave Ads. Additionally, there are tons of content from big sites about Brave and BAT. These articles are mostly focused on the benefits of privacy that Brave brings and the importance of the new models of online ads.

Brave Browser’s Latest Users Will be able to View Privacy Brave Ads

Beginning from April 24, the users of Brave’s most recent release of desktop browser for Windows, macOS, and Linux can opt to view privacy-preserving Brave Ads. They can do this by choosing Brave Rewards. These users will then receive about 70% of ad revenue share for their troubles. They can auto-contribute this to publishers in default settings.

There are about 100K Brave Browser Publishers as of June 5 and this figure is still growing. These moves by Brave Browser will definitely help the price of BAT rally.

Basic Attention Token Price Prediction: The Price of BAT Peaked At $0.3735 on June 3

The 5-day chart for BAT/USD shows that BAT recorded a sharp decline on May 31 to trade at $0.3201. Despite trying to pick up momentum to a minor level, a persisting bearish trendline and deficit support position stopped BAT from holding the upward movement for long. The price of Basic Attention Token dipped. From the June 1 through June 3, BAT price maintained a bullish trendline despite highly volatile circumstances.

On June 3, BAT price reached $0.3735 which is a peak position, but since June 3 to date, the price of BAT has completely been submerged under bearish territory. In 5 days, the price of BAT decreased by 9.13%. BAT may pick up momentum in coming days. However, as the support areas are still lacking, BAT’s persistence in bullish will be questionable. BAT price is currently trading at $0.3384 at press time.

Fluctuation in BAT’s price is inevitable for now. This may be the case in future also. Finally, it is predicted that if the price of BAT tries to rise, it can aggravate downward. Hence, BAT will be more favorable for medium-term investors at least until prices stabilize.

Brian Lubin is a Crypto News Reporter for Smartereum. He's well-known for his reports on the crypto markets.


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