Zilliqa Outperforms Bitcoin, Continues to Soar, Can it Maintain the Rally?

While most top cryptos struggled to stay afloat, Zilliqa effortlessly gained 5,29%. The coin has managed to follow up its previously attained growth after the sharp drop in the price of many cryptos. Zilliqa news today is positive and gives enthusiasts of the token hope that it would rise again and surpass all the Zilliqa price prediction targets this year.

What is Responsible for the Price Rally of ZIL? – Zilliqa News Today

Sentiments play a large role in the price performance of cryptos. This is why most cryptos rally when there is good news in the sphere. Presently, Zilliqa enthusiasts are patiently waiting for June 18, which is Zilliqa day.

The ZIL community strongly believe that this day could lead to FOMO, which would eventually cause a ZIL price to surge to the moon. There is also hope that the recent price rally of bitcoin will continue and take Zilliqa with it.

Another positive news is the June 10 smart contracts of the network. The result would be a smart contract enabled platform. It is a commendable upgrade and it will bring in important partnerships that can push ZIL price further up.

The recent Bitcoin surge brought FOMO back and more people are optimistic about the cryptocurrency market. When the smart contracts are enabled, this factor alone could push ZIL price higher.

Zilliqa’s recent partnership with Mindshare is another positive news that could push the price of the coin higher. Also, with the launch of the smart contracts, the value of the project would skyrocket. This is no secret to investors, hence the possibility of FOMO and a price hike in the end.

ZIL Price Prediction – Zilliqa Price Forecast

After BTC price dropped dramatically, the price of ZIL has managed to maintain the momentum. This is why Zilliqa is one of the few coins in the top 100 to grow or remain stable despite the price correction.

BTC has lost more than $20 billion from its market cap in a few days. ZIL has grown by close to 20% because of the reduced prices of BTC.

Currently, Zilliqa is trading at $0.022437 at press time according to Coin Market Cap. The coin has a total market cap of $194,914,191 and a 24-hour volume of $76,238,839. The price action is impressive and proves that ZIL may become a top 20 coin in a short time.

Rumors in the Zilliqa Space

Core ZIL community members believe that there is a link between the Facebook Coin and Zilliqa. Since Facebook plans to unveil its whitepaper and stable coin on June 18, it seems fishy because the day is already set aside as Zilliqa day. One ZIL community member went further to state some links between both networks and believes the parties must be collaborating.

Well, for now, all this is just a rumor with no substance. Anxious investors just need to wait until June 18 for an official announcement to confirm this.

Zilliqa is the first dApp platform that efficiently processes transactions and startups and developers have come to love this platform for blockchain application creation. The good news surrounding it may do it a lot of good.

Brian Lubin is a Crypto News Reporter for Smartereum. He's well-known for his reports on the crypto markets.


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